Crispy Mint M&Ms

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Crispy Mint M&Ms
Photo by redphayze

It breaks my heart to include a word like ‘mediocre’ when writing about chocolate, but M&Ms deserve a rap on their Australian-subsidiary knuckles.

Last year sometime, M&Ms Australia went to considerable trouble and expense to fly over Pamela Anderson to ‘launch’ the new green M&Ms. What Pammy actually means to Australians who like M&Ms and/or the colour green escapes me, but Pammy herself might have considered that the shape of the little orbs are not unlike miniaturised versions of her own implants.

‘Crispy’ and ‘Mint’ have never really gone that well together and I’m yet to find any other Australian chocolate product that flavours a crispy, biscuit-like filling with mint. Normally you’d expect a creamy fondant ala Fry’s chocolates that Dom reviewed earlier (we Aussies can only buy them from specialty chocolate stores for roughly the amount of a fortnightly mortgage repayment).

On presentation, the little green goobers didn’t look too bad. Glossy, appealing but still not quite answering my question about why our proud nation needed a cartoon character like Pamela Anderson to launch them. Why didn’t they approach Bob Brown (leader of the Aussie Green Party), or Tim Flannery (renowned environmental scientist and writer) and throw something like “5 cents from every pack goes to the Australian Wildlife” as a pro-community sweetener instead of funding Pammy’s own personal wildlife?

Sadly, this serious issue was immediately forgotten when I tasted them. Dusty, vaguely minty dry biscuit centres do not work. The chocolate, as per all classic M&Ms is great but the crunchy bird turd in the centre is worthy only of spitting out at clueless forty-something porn starlets who now badly need to investigate polar necked sweaters and toning down their tranny-envy makeup…..

To add insult to injury, we don’t get the famous peanut butter M&Ms here in Oz. I was sad enough to visit their website and ask them why. All I got back was something like, “Oh we’d have to import the machinery to make them here in Australia and it would not be financially viable…..nor would it be profitable to export them from the US.” Bugger! Pamela and her ‘excess luggage’ is worth paying for, but some nuts and bolts capable of squirting some peanut butter in the centre isn’t! Where’s the logic, you M&M Madmen??? It’s time to rise up and fight for our rights to decent chocolate and send these inferior mint muck-ups to the rubbish bin where they belong! Who’s with me, fellow Aussies? If you are, write to them under the contact us tab via:

Until we gain victory, I remain a sad seeker of peanut butter M&Ms from specialty choccie shops who see me coming and increase the price of these nuggets to, well the price of gold nuggets.


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  1. Igilwif

    I’m with you on this one – forking out $4.50 for peanut butter M&Ms from David Jones is ludicrous. I also have a grudge against the evil henchmen from the M&M-pire for ditching the white chocolate variety!

  2. Cliff

    If that’s what you call mediocre (meaning “of average quality”) down there, I’d love to know what you call bad!

  3. I was in Sydney last week and found peanut butter M&Ms in the convenience store across the street from my hotel…

    And I love the crispy mint ones! I’ve never had the original crispy M&Ms, but I think I’ll give them a try now. I love things like Nestle’s Crunch and Buncha Cruch — are those types of things not found there often? “Crispy” chocolate with rice isn’t unusual here (in the US).

  4. Cetta

    Found this on a random search to find out what the heck crispy mint M&Ms are after a friend went to HK Disneyland and tried some. We don’t have crispy mint M&Ms here in the US, but the regular crispy ones are dry and kind of gross.

    We do, however, have the peanut butter M&Ms and I agree they are fantastic!! My absolute favorite. Now they have a limited edition Shrek PB M&M that are “55% bigger than the regular” according to package. Can I also tell you that subbing a big bag of PB M&Ms in place of choc chips will make the best cookies you’ve ever eaten?

    Let me know if you ever want a batch sent over as a stranger’s act of kindness. I can’t guarantee how well they’ll ship, but I can find them on sale at the local store for 3 for $1 most times…LOL

  5. Zodan

    It’s really unfair of you to tell people to write to the m&m company to tell people to get them to stop producing mint crisp m&m’s. Just because they wont make peanut butter m&m’s here in Australia for you doesn’t mean you have to encourage the demise of a product that many other people enjoy!! Thats just mean!!! You don’t have to like it, but many other people do!!! 🙁 🙁 🙁

  6. Yummie

    ok.. I have to ask.. does Ausi land not have the child-hood myth that Green M&M’s make you horny? Why else would they have Pammy there probably in something Skimpy for the unvail of Green Mint M&M’s..

    Personally they remind me of Girl scout’s Thin mint cookies.. another highly addictive Item..

  7. DarkSarcasm

    When I tried these….it tasted like eating toothpaste. All I could taste was overpowering mint and no chocolate! NEVER AGAIN!

  8. Hello Kath, If you are still interested in Peanut Butter M&M’s I can sell you 3 pounds 6 ounces of them for $30.00 US including shipping. Or you can go to my website and click on the tent to see what I have in the way of M&M’s. I ship anywhere in the world.

  9. Kam

    The crispy mint M&Ms are the best. I always had ten bags at home any given time.

  10. James

    I love crispy mints
    They are the only kind I eat
    Each to his or her own!

  11. Dee

    I loved them, and I’m Australian. I guess you don’t ‘get’ it, but it’s a rice crisp centre, with mint. Like ‘Crunch’. Not a biscuit centre. I wish they’d bring them back. It’s thanks to you we don’t get nice things. D:

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