Cocomolli 55% Milk Chocolate

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This bar is (and I’m afraid remains) something of a mystery item. Why? Well there’s a clue on the front of the box, just before the weight of the bar. Yep, this is a single origin 55% cocoa solids milk chocolate bar made from beans from Papua New Guinea. In Korea.

Here at Chocablog we’ve tasted a fair old selection of Oriental chocolates, and I think it’s fair to say that the majority of our reviews haven’t really been glowing. Of course there are exceptions, but they have tended to be ‘exclusive’ products (like the Awaji Orange sticks I was given) rather than the mass produced confectionery we usually find. We’ve had even more limited experience of Korean chocolate, and the verdicts haven’t been great.

Well I bring good news. I slit open the foil wrapper inside the box, slid out the (very unusually shaped) bar, and was immediately greeted by the waft of rich milk chocolate. Up close and personal and that rich milk chocolate smell is deeper still, hinting at a creamy sweetness and depth of flavour that comes to life as it melts on the tongue. Yes, it’s still quite sweet, but the volume and quality of the cacao used means that there’s plenty of deep, earthy cacao notes sitting alongside the milk and sugar.

I’ve become quite a fan of the higher cacao content milk chocolate bars, ever since my Hotel Chocolat St Lucia experience, and this bar made a similar impression. My only complaint would be that the thing isn’t big enough!

Unfortunately there isn’t an English version of the Cocomolli website and I don’t have a handy Korean friend around, so I can’t even tell you if these bars are available in the UK. Maybe Mr Cocomolli will enlighten us in due course.


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  1. I guess I’m Mr. Cocomolli since I ‘m the manager at Chocolab, the manufacturer for the Cocomolli brand.
    To help a little without sounding too advertising(-ish), just a few details.
    Cocomolli is bean to bar (we roast, winnow, grind, conch, temper, mold, the whole nine yards) small scale (less than 100 Kg a week +48 hr conch).
    And no… We are only available in Korea.
    But there have been cases where our products have been shipped overseas after a couple of emails with
    ….THE Mr. Cocomolli…. 😉

    We do have a 45 gram version

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