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Migraine Medicine

I am a loud and proud chocoholic who is also a migraine sufferer. Yes yes yes, I know that chocolate is a forbidden food that medical experts recommend that migraine sufferers steer clear of, but it hasn’t made any difference in my case, fortunately. I had a few miserable months – on several different occasions – suffering an entirely chocolate-free existence but Mr Migraine still elected to keep on visiting me on a far-too-regular basis.

The weird fact about having migraines is that when they have hit you in full force, being able to get down a good dose of caffeine actually helps reduce your swollen serotonin levels and quieten down those satanic gnomes playing techno music on your synapses. To put it more bluntly, it somehow allows my poor, thudding head to unfold from the foetal position and gives me an hour or two to get out of work and straight into bed or to do what I have to do before Mr Migraine gives me another king-hit to the head

This all leads to Cocolo, an Australian-branded organic and fair-trade chocolate that is actually manufactured in Switzerland. As such, it’s not cheap (about $6 for a 100g block is the cheapest price I can find for it), but the premium dark bar has 70% Bolivian and Peruvian cocoa mass, cane juice from the Philippines and cocoa butter from the Dominican republic, resulting in the involvement of six countries to bring about its existence. This all sounds very socially-aware and worthy, but how does it taste?

Cocolo Dark

Pretty bloody great actually. When this marvelous migraine medication is taken with a cup of good Italian espresso coffee (country total now seven) it does its very best to give Mr Migraine a swift kick in the groin. Cocolo has a bitter taste and its strength of flavour complements coffee perfectly. It is not as creamy-feeling as some seventy percenters and has a slightly grainy texture so I wasn’t as tempted to inhale the entire bar in one sitting.

I don’t think it’s a ‘Stay in and watch a DVD with a glass of Baileys on Friday night’ kind of chocolate because it isn’t sweet enough, but it sure packs a cocoa-caffeine punch that enabled me to stagger out of bed by lunch time instead of bed time the other day. It also beats taking codeine and having to barf up in a bucket every half hour or so… I suggest that every major hospital emergency department stocks up on these blocks to save money spent on pethidine!

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  1. try Xoçai- the healthy chocolate. it’s produced differently and therefore has all the antioxidants that the cocoa bean originally contains ( nothing is lost in the process). in addition it contains the acaí berry, so 2 of the most potent antioxidant foods of this planet in sort of chocolate. And you daily use costs not more than US$3 a day.
    This has helped so much with headaches and migranes…., maybe it will help yours too. It’ available in the States, Canada,NZ, Australia, Japan and will open the UK market in the end of January 2009.
    If you are interested to see more, check out my website and give me a buzz.

  2. Heck yeah this is exltcay what I needed.

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