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Amber Lyn Cocoa Republic

Although Amber Lyn, based out of Utah, makes sugar free chocolates, they also sent me these regular (with sugar) Cocoa Republic bars, which I’ve decided to start with. Both are single-origin, from Columbian beans, and are divided into six pieces.

The milk chocolate reminds me of the Chocolate Traveler Dulce de Leche, only it isn’t such a thick taste. There’s a flavor in here I’m not too keen on, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Ignoring that, it is rather nice with its caramel kind of milkiness.

Amber Lyn Cocoa Republic

I had to pause for a second when I saw that sugar is also the first ingredient on the dark chocolate. It’s a 60%, how can that be? But cocoa butter and cocoa mass, which both count towards that total, are separated, so it works. Once you taste it, though, the sugar is just a little too apparent, appropriate to being the first listed ingredient. Cutting back on it wouldn’t hurt. Now, I don’t think this chocolate tastes bad, but I don’t see very much gain in it. It’s another Dove-alike, darkness without a real chocolate experience.

Both chocolates do have a smooth and gentle melting, though, so I’ll keep my hopes up for the sugar frees. If it was between these two, I’d reach for the 36% first, unless plain dark chocolates are to your tastes, which I know is the true in some cases.


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  1. greg

    I agree. The sugar free line tastes a heck of a lot better.

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