Cocoa Bean Summer Collection

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Here’s something a little different from the Cocoa Bean sisters – a selection of chocolate discs in a variety of flavours, hand finished and packaged in a funky little cylinder.

The hand finished element comes in the wrapping. Each of the seven discs comes enfolded in a piece of brightly coloured tissue paper, and I have to say I really liked this approach. It’s the same wrapping used on the chocolate squares I reviewed a while back, but without the stickers telling you which one is which, and it makes opening each disc like receiving a small gift. It’s a novel approach to packaging, and to my mind it works very well. You can see the product before you buy it, and it doesn’t take too long to get into them!

As I mentioned, there are seven discs in the box – three milk chocolate, three dark chocolate and one white chocolate. Four of these discs are flavoured the same way as four of the five bars I have already reviewed – milk chocolate with honey and rose and pistachio, and dark chocolate with gin & tonic and sea salt. Which leaves me with the white chocolate and raspberry, the dark chocolate with lemon, and a milk chocolate disc flavoured with vanilla.

The raspberry disc (as you can see) comes sprinkled with fragments of freeze dried raspberry. Obviously there isn’t a huge amount of cocoa flavour there, so the additional fruity element was very welcome to this palate.

The dark chocolate with lemon oil was very pleasant indeed. After trying it on it’s own I had a few pieces on top of a lemon tart, and it went very well. Good rich cocoa flavours with a lively citrus note which came through at the finish.

The vanilla disc was similarly flavoursome, producing a good, well rounded flavour which complimented the smooth creamy milk chocolate very well.

The packaging and overall look and feel of these discs put me in mind of summer weddings or garden parties. They’re bright, cheerful looking things which would work extremely well as table ‘extras’ or favours. Alternatively, they would just add a splash of colour to an outdoor lunch or picnic, and the handy little box makes transporting them very easy indeed.

I liked the look of these almost as much as I enjoyed eating them. Another fun, bold approach to product design which makes Cocoa Bean’s merchandise stand out from the crowd – and that can only be a good thing. Well worth checking out as a gift or for personal indulgence.


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