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I have found (or been found by, as it is) a box of chocolates that I would honestly be excited to get as a gift or feel right about giving as one. On a day-to-day basis, I just don’t come across enough of these.

Coco-A, who are based in Toronto with a chocolatier in San Francisco, sent me a generous selection: a box of six truffles, one of six caramels, a set of chocolate-dipped spoons, and another set of truffles in a ceramic box. While I could do without the crown in the Coco-A logo, the vintage-esque lacey pattern and the deep blue color of the boxes I do like. The true enjoyment, though, began when I started to open the plain boxes.

First is the set of Vintage Keys spoons, which have a price tag of $31.50. That seems steep, but these are beautiful ceramic, not plastic, spoons and the chocolate (designed to stir up a cup of hot chocolate with) is quality without filler ingredients.

My favorite is the ceramic box. Not only is there a box of six truffles inside it, but the ceramic box will fit in with most people’s personal styles–I for one am quite glad to find a place for it on my shelves.

Both the caramels and truffles are in the same eight flavors: orange, smoked salt, cayenne, original, coco nibs, Hawaiian sea salt, sage, and champagne. I was pleased to find a handy chart with all the flavors in the box labelled; though I think this should be a necessity, not every box does have labeling.

Moving on, the caramels are of obvious fine quality, handmade with a fine flavor and consistency. Neither stiff nor free-flowing, it hits the right balance. The truffles have an extremely smooth and fine texture, perhaps too silky for my tastes. While I might prefer something a bit rougher, I can’t fault this style. The chocolate is made in Switzerland and has a rich and smooth taste. None of the added flavors come from artificial sources, either.

My own favorites were the Hawaiian sea salt, sage, and champagne, with the smoked sea salt being my least. For the most part, the flavors are well-balanced and a good mix between the usual findings and more unusual flavors.

The sets all have enough sophistication that they can serve for both personal and business gifts. While the ceramic selections cost extra, the added element of uniqueness is worth it.


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  1. Can you get top ups for the ceramic boxes? I wouldn’t want to end up with dozens of them… You couldn’t really give them empty to friends because they might learn that you ate the chocolates in them!

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