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Last year I attended an alcoholic ginger beer tasting, organised by the lovely Kavey. To help all that ginger beer go down, Kavey prepared a simple but delicious Toblerone fondue, which was served with bread and fruit.

It was very nice, but being an experimental type, I decided to try it with the wasabi peas that also happened to be on the table. Everyone pulled faces and told me how disgusting I was until they tried it themselves. The creamy chocolate worked perfectly with the heat of the wasabi and the crunch of the pea. I had invented something new!

I was very proud of my invention, knowing nobody else would ever think to combine these two magical ingredients. That was until I got an email from Darren Polish from California. Asking if I’d like to try his chocolate wasabi peas. After a few seconds of feeling horribly jealous that someone else had turned my idea into an actual product, I asked him to send me samples. Because I know that wasabi peas and chocolate are a marriage made in heaven. So here they are:

Darren credits his father with coming up with these. I think his father probably stole my thoughts before I’d had them (although a bit of Googling reveals the idea has been around for a while). The important thing is that somebody is actually making the product I dreamed of. Shiny little balls of spicy vegetable goodness.

And they taste as good as I expected them to. Of course, these aren’t fine chocolates, they’re a snack. They may be a couple more ingredients in there than are absolutely necessary (there’s some added colouring and the chocolate is coated in confectioners glaze), but frankly I don’t care. They’re crunchy, spicy and addictive.

They taste and texture is a little like a Malteser, with an initial crunch, followed by a bit of spice and a hint of pea. Part of me feels a little queasy when that pea flavour comes through the milk chocolate, but then I find myself eating another. And another. I’m having a kind of love/hate relationship with them.

Darren is so sure of them, he’s started a Kickstart Project to get funding to produce these commercially along with a range of other chocolate wasabi treats. At the time of writing, with just over a week to go, the Kickstarter page is just over half way to it’s $5000 goal. If you like the idea, maybe you can help him out.


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  1. Bah, I was going to fund them but they only ship to the US. I shall wait until launch. Looking forward to springing these on unsuspecting chocolate addicts!

    • Dom (Chocablog Staff)

      If you look at the Kickstarter page, they’ll ship internationally if you pledge a few dollars more. I’d just mail them and ask. 🙂

  2. Wow this looks like a great chocolate pairing. Something worth trying at least once. You never know until you try it.

  3. Max Kelley

    I have tasted these, they are amazing. That is the reason I have made a contribution to help Darren and his project. His passion is amazing and based on that I have donated some money. Getting the product is an added bonus for me. When I went onto the Update. I saw the TV interview and his smiling face. Go get em Darren

  4. Heh, I didn’t turn my nose up even before I tasted them, though I’ll grant you that the others did! I like weird combinations, and wasabi nuts and chocolate always struck me as a good idea! Good to see someone has done this, though should have been Chocablog brand!!!! ;P

  5. Jen

    I just finished eating all the ones you gave me. Waaay too addictive. I like.

  6. I am truly a chocoholic and enjoyed eating them myself and sharing with friends. Over the years I have acquired a taste for hot and spicy food. Definitely could be a giftable item for holiday or to use as house gift when going to friend’s house for dinner.

    Be Positive…I know you’ll get there.

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