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I only lived about one kilometre away from the Chocolatier factory/shop on Waterdale Road, Ivanhoe when we still lived in Melbourne, and yet the only product I ate was a delicious Easter egg a friend gave me from there. They are particularly famous for their Easter range as they are attractive enough – with smooth finishes and marbled coloured chocolate all throughout – to not have to wrap them in foil.

Now, eight years and 560km further away, I found this pink box at my local K-Mart which promises to give the Australian Breast Cancer Foundation 50c (around 20p) for each box sold. What better excuse to eat chocolate, secure in the knowledge that it will help a noble cause?

Despite the packaging that is clearly designed to appeal to the more feminine-leaning chocaholics amongst us, my husband Love Chunks suddenly appeared by my side when I opened the box. We both started with the pink-topped strawberry delice which had a white chocolate centre flavoured with strawberry. It was very light and creamy for us Dark Side Dwellers but we both said “Mmmm!”

Love Chunks declared the macadamia truffle (milk chocolate) a triumph and I loved the ‘flower pot’ hazelnut praline – and that’s saying something, because hazelnut is not one of my favourites. We both enjoyed the cointreau truffle (white choc outside, milk chocolate in the middle) and considered it a ‘winner’ because neither of us believe that orange and milk chocolate goes as well as it does with dark but this was the best try we’d sampled so far.

The pink milk chocolate hearts were also delicious. At 34% cocoa solids, they tasted stronger and of much better quality than the insipid, far-too-sweet stuff you tend to find used as a coating by smaller chocolate manufacturers and is best avoided when served up on its own. But the pièce de résistance for us Dark Side Dwellers was most definitely the dark chocolate coated ‘limon’ (everything seems to sound posher in French) centre. Such modest-looking squares were the highlight of an already surprisingly good selection. I love l-o-v-e LOVE the combination of lemon and dark chocolate and hope that more chocolate manufacturers follow this trend.

The back of the box tells us that the dark chocolate contains 53% cocoa solids and that the nutrition panel considers two chocolates – or 25g – the average serving size – not in MY house! The box also contained a free bookmark photograph of the chocolates – a good sales technique, because every time I pick up whatever current book I’m reading, I see the photographs and start thinking about getting my greedy hands on more dark chocolate coated lemon/limon delights, and I wouldn’t be stopping at a mere two-chocolate average serve either…


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