Chocolate Koalas

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Chocolate Koalas

When I make trips to London’s west End I like to visit the See Woo supermarket in Chinatown to stock up on noodles, sauces and other hard-to-find-locally Chinese delicacies.

Oddly enough it was only recently that it occurred to me that I might be able to lay my hands on some Asian confectionery there, so last week I went there and had bit of a poke around.

Sure enough, I found these – Chocolate Koalas.

Chocolate Koalas

What are they? Well, they’re little koala shaped biscuity things filled with a cheap and cheerful chocolate flavoured cream type stuff. Hardly gourmet fayre, but definitely a great novelty item, especially as there are a huge range of cute little koala faces in the box. So as well as a tasty (and they are surprisingly tasty considering the low cocoa content) nibble, you can spend time looking at the various koalas and (if you’re a kid) playing with them before snarfing them up.

Chocolate Koalas

The biscuit shell is very thin, crispy and has a good crunch to it, and the melty creamy filing is darker than you might expect and not too sweet, so older palates will also enjoy them.

As far as I can ascertain from the box, See Woo import them, so I couldn’t tell you whether or not they’re available in any other Chinese supermarkets. What I can tell you is that if you’re throwing a birthday party or want a novelty cake decoration which isn’t going to send the kids hyper, then these could well be worth tracking down.

They’re surprisingly tasty.

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  1. Liyster

    These are available to purchase from Coles in Australia, as to a strawberry version of them.

  2. I’ve seen them at every Asian grocery store I’ve ever been to here in the U.S.

  3. Miranda

    I loved the chocolate Koalas! I first had them during a trip to China this summer. They’re so good!!!!!!! I saw them in lots of fruit flavors too.

  4. raine

    they’re also known as “koala yummies.” i think that aside from the strawberry and chocolate versions they also have tiramisu (that should be interesting) and milk.

  5. be extremely careful when you want to buy this. there are a lot of fake ones out there. the packaging looks really similar. also green in colour and the shape of the box is identical. be careful. the fake ones are not good at all.

  6. Chantel

    Hi, I LOVE these, I have looked on their website due to your wonderfull web page and can’t seem to find them. Any help would be greatly appreciated as to where they can be obtained

  7. I am almost like a number 1 fan to koalas.The part Ilike most about them is there sleeping.When ever I go to a website I always see if there is a pic of a koala.If there isn’t I go to another one.Koalas are cute even if there shaped as cookies!Koalas inspire me.I LOVE koalas.In Japan they eat different animals.I am 8 years old and I hope you type me back.

  8. Nate Maxson


  9. Nate Maxson

    Koala Yummie Wars.. push them together and see who stays alive..

  10. They’re available at Wegmans and several other large grocery stores in the US as well. They are my favorite little snack, so I always like to buy a few boxes and try not to eat them all within the span of a few days (hint: It normally does not work, and instead I just make myself sick on tiny, tiny koala cookies.)

  11. Also, I should note that these are Japanese in origin, not Chinese. A lot of Asian stores aren’t too picky about where they import their things from, so in a “Chinese” store, it is completely normal to find Japanese or Korean things, and the same with the other things. But great review, and I love the pictures 😀

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