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It was with some trepidation I opened this small box from Chocolate Heaven just seconds after the postman had handed it to me, because I knew what was inside. Hot Chilli Lips.

You see, me and chilli don’t generally mix well. I don’t mind spicy food, but I do kind of object to my mouth being in pain for three days after eating it.

Chilli LipsBut upon opening the box, temptation got the better of me. Inside were 5 large, sumptuous, hand-made dark chocolates. Shaped like lips, each with a red marbled effect… a warning, perhaps.

I looked at them for a minute. Should I? No. I should photograph them first. I must resist.

Thirty seconds later, the chocolates were photographed and I nervously bit into one. Oooooh.. very nice chocolate – very smooth and tasty without being overly bitter… and a soft, fruity filling. Tasty. But I can’t taste any chilli!

So I popped the rest of the chocolate into my mouth and let it melt.

Three seconds later…

“Owww!! Oh….! Oooooooooooh! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!”

Ok. They definitely contain chili… and it’s…. wonderful! Not hot hot, but definitely warm enough to make you sit up and take notice.

Chilli LipsThese chocolates are sneaky. They lure you in with a delicious dark belgian chocolate and fruity filling, but cunningly wait a few seconds before hitting you with the chilli.

But then, almost as quickly as it appears, the hotness starts to fade and just leaves you with that rich dark chocolate flavour in your mouth.

As I finished eating, I found myself giggling. You see, Chilli Lips are not only sophisticated and delicious, but they’re also fun. From the shape down to the short, sharp chilli hit, they’re gently playing with your mind. They leave you wanting more, despite the fact you know they’re going to get you again.

Now these aren’t ‘every day’ chocolates –  at £4.99 for 10 chocolates (120g), they’re a little expensive for that. But you have to remember, these are high quality, hand made chocolates – and if you ask me, they’re worth every penny.

So if you know someone special who loves chocolate as well as something a little spicy, these are the perfect gift. Particularly if you happen to have forgotten Chocablog Day and need to say sorry.

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  1. Great find, or delivery as it may be. Perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

  2. I really really really want some of these! They sound divine!

    You need an option to anonymously forward chocablog links 🙂

  3. OK, it’s only 3 days to my birthday and all hints have been ignored. Someone get out the cluegun.

  4. Hello, just been reading a press release about Flaming Chocolate Fireballs that contain the hottest chilli in the world, the Bhut Jolokia!
    They say it is good for your love life, it certaily sounds HOT!
    They are a new chocolate released on the 10th November It is supposed to be a secret until the press release next week!

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