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I recently found myself in Spain again, and was delighted to discover that there’s a Chocolat Factory outlet in the airport. Naturally, I re-supplied with Chocolate & Pear Jam, but I also took time to select a handful of new items to share with you.

If I’d had more sleep the night before I would probably have taken some photos of the shop, the unique and rather lovely packaging (CF have won numerous packaging awards) and the very helpful assistant. As it was I was on limited time, as my travelling companion had more interest in retrieving bags and getting to the hotel than buying top notch chocs. Ah well.

This was actually the last item I chose, I almost overlooked it but the texture of the bar inside the sellophane wrapping intrigued me, and so I asked what it was. When I was told that this bar was made with sunflower seeds that was the decider. Into my funky CF carrier bag it went.

As you can see, it is indeed made up of sunflower seeds and chocolate. The look of both the packaging and the contents reminded me of handmade fudge shops and village fetes. The chocolate bar itself looks like something made to be sold at a school fair or National Trust gift shop, but the clear bag is becoming more and more popular, so perhaps these venerable institutions were just ahead of their time?

When it came to tasting time, this bar didn’t disappoint. A dark cocoa flavour to begin with, and the chocolate quickly melts, freeing up a host of roasted sunflower seeds and the occasional tiny salt crystal, which works brilliantly as both counterpart to the chocolate and compliment to the nutty flavour of the seeds.. The slightly bittersweet chocolate flavours combined with the sunflower seeds are almost praline-like, giving a very satisfying finish.

My only complaint has to be that it was so moreish that before I knew what had happened, I’d demolished almost my entire slab! A very well thought out combination, and one which I have no hesitation in recommending.


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  1. In Poland there was a popular chocolate bar with sesame seeds and it was utterly delicious, so I suppose the sunflower one just has to be as good. I love a grainy texture once in a while!

  2. This is really intriguing! I can see where the nut, salt and sweet would complement each other nicely. Where in the US would I be able to get this?

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