Choclatique Moon Rocks

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Choclatique Moon Rocks

To commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing on the moon, Choclatique has fashioned a set of 15 space-inspired chocolates to their Moon Rocks Collection. They sent me the four following samples.

Mission Control Fig
Beware of the blue on here. Though no artifical colors or flavors were used, this stuff gets stuck all over your fingers. Beneath the color and dusting of gold (which edible metal is on each piece in the set) is a 32% milk chocolate shell, encasing fig and a concoction of peanuts, peanut butter, and graham crackers. I’d never thought of a peanut/fig combination, but as both are fresh-tasting, they come together nicely. Next to their strong flavors, the chocolate stays discreet.

Choclatique Moon Rocks

Cosmic Crunch Caramel
This one’s gray-colored, also milk, and has a sticky caramel filling with a few cacao nibs in it. The caramel, while possibily the sweetest I’ve tasted, has a pleasant taste of vanilla sugar that brings out the chocolate’s flavor. Though the nibs seem like they’re encrusted in sugar, they add sophistication to the lot.

Pluto Pomegranate Caramel
The maroon color and 64% dark chocolate protect a bright, though still earthy-looking, red caramel. Said caramel, though stiff like the other one, didn’t respond well to the dissection. It kept falling out, leading to a new sticky mess on my fingers. A sugar flavor comes off stronger than the pomegranate, and though the darker chocolate has more presence, I still found this one to be too sweet to be better than okay.

Choclatique Moon Rocks

Apollo Almond
White chocolate in silver-white, with a sort of almond paste inside. The chocolate actually has too much impact on the flavor of this one for my tastes, being just an average white chocolate. The filling is interesting, though, reminding me of Mexican Wedding Cookies and redeeming the overall effect.

The fig one, despite its bright color, is the best out of these four. I’m not convinced yet of the plain chocolate’s worthiness, but as Choclatique seems to center more around fun designs and flavors (they have over 150 intriguing-sounding flavors), I guess that isn’t of the greatest consequence, anyway. They’re a bit overpriced at about $2 each, but they’d make great gifts. Though the angles and colors of this set initially look very… unique, they do succeed in being entertaining, intergalactic chocolates.


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  1. Spriggana

    The whole set on Chocolatique site looks great. I do not know if I could eat them. Something really wonderful.

  2. They are beautiful, almost too perfect to eat!

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