Chau Colat

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Chau Colat

Courtesy of Rainer and Oliver from Premier Food and Beverages is this lovely little chocolate spoon called Chau Colat from Belgium.

It was morning tea time, so I rejected my usual choice of coffee to follow the instructions on how to make a Chau Colat hot chocolate. Details about this product are sketchy, other than it’s made by ChocDecor, who specialise in creating 3D characters and painting them in chocolate. There’s no mention of the cocoa content but when opened it smelled like strong bittersweet chocolate consisting of approximately 50% cocoa solids.

Trouble is, the chocolate spoon looked too pretty to submerge in hot milk:

Chau Colat

In the interests of Chocablog however, I swallowed my misgivings (and hopefully soon, some melted hot chocolate) and ploughed on. I liked that their instructions suggested to microwave the milk as I wasn’t too keen on having to get out saucepan and muck around and office workers would be even less inclined to do so. When the milk was hot enough, the spoon was swirled through. It started melting into little grainy pieces at first and every now and then I’ll admit to taking the spoon out and giving the melted remains a lick or two.

Chau Colat

The end result – achieved in less than a minute – was a not-too-strong hot chocolate that didn’t need any sugar added. I left the stick in the cup to keep the chocolate blobs from sinking to the bottom and took my first sips.

Chau Colat

Very nice, and not too creamy or sickly. It is still sweet, but acceptably so with a slightly coffee-tinged bitter flavour that suggests good quality dark chocolate is present. A cup of this was very satisfying and kept me going until lunchtime. This would also be very nice in the evening when you’re snuggled up on the sofa in front of a good DVD.


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  1. Oliver

    Hi Kath

    Nice review 🙂 Looks like we gave you a ‘special’ sample without all of the relevant info! Chau Colat is made by Belfine in Belgium, and contains 55% cocoa in the dark chocolate. All the correct ingredients for sofas and DVDs in Melbourne in winter!

  2. Ah, so my guess of 50% cocoa solids wasn’t too far off the mark 🙂

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