Cambria Chocolate Covered Huckleberry Fudge Cupcake

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Cambria Chocolate Covered Huckleberry Fudge Cupcake

So I was up in Cambria, California for a couple of days while visiting the gaudy Hearst Castle, finding myself just as charmed by the tiny town of Cambria as the treasure trove castle of ’20’s. Naturally then, I had to sample some of the local chocolate confections. This one was by a shop’s register along with some huckleberry lollipops and spreads.

The fist-sized fudge “cupcake” looks like it’s just bigger than a regular cupcake. Upon slicing it open, you can see that the inside part is softer and creamier. I think the huckleberry is only in this part, though I could be wrong. It’s hard to resist fudge; this one’s almost like frosting with the soft filling. I’m glad to see that whoever made this (the tag actually doesn’t say) didn’t succumb to using artificial vanilla. Consequently, the plain fudge has quite a strong vanilla taste.

Cambria Chocolate Covered Huckleberry Fudge Cupcake

And something reminds me of honey… the huckleberries. Considering the other items the fudge was next to, they’re obviously the defining factor here. I’d imagine they were grown close by, too. Now, the honey. Honey is sweet, right? But its sweetness is a flavor in itself, and it’s golden: its very flavor is smooth and heavenly. It’s the same sort of thing going on in the fudge, only translated to delicious huckleberries.

Now I sit here, cutting off bit after bit with my knife, contemplating how much of a sugar rush I would get if I ate the whole thing at once. Maybe I’d better not. Don’t make any special missions to Cambria for it, but it is an enchanting town, so if you’re already there, this is a nice fudge to pick up.


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