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Cadbury SnackNever in the history of… well, anything, has a product been so unimaginatively named. I mean “Cadbury Snack”??

Going on the name and packaging alone, I wasn’t expecting a lot from this. And my expectations were confirmed upon opening it.

Inside are 6 small, square shortbread biscuits covered in a very thin layer of milk chocolate. Nothing more, nothing less. It most certainly should not be confused with the Australian product of a similar name, which looks a whole lot nicer.

Cadbury SnackThe chocolate (what there is of it) is nice enough – typical cadbury, but the shortcake biscuit takes dullness to a whole new level. It’s hard and slightly insipid tasting.

Combined with the chocolate, it’s not that bad, but if you let the chocolate melt and then eat the shortcake biscuit, it’s not very nice at all. It could be just about any cheap, no-brand chocolate biscuit.

I imagine this is aimed at the kind of person that picks something up in the moring to to snack on at work during the day. The small pack bite-sized chocolate biscuit format would seem ideal for that, but unfortunately the product itself doesn’t do anything for me. I don’t think I’ll be buying this one again.

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  1. Bwahaha, I beat you to this one. I reviewed it about a week ago. Also, “no-brand chocoalte biscuit”? You need to spell check your work, sonny!

  2. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Ooops – well spotted, Terry. Typo corrected. 🙂

  3. howard

    i love cadburys snack, back the hell off and leave the snack alone!!!!!!!!! snack for president!

  4. gary

    Cadbury shortcake snack brings back memories of childhood…used to be quite common in the US….a wonderful treat…..decades later had it again in Ireland….really miss this simple but wonderful snack….along with Linden’s brownies and chocolate chip cookies.

  5. azaan

    does anyone know where i can bt some? i live in the midwest U.S.A.

  6. azaan

    does anyone know where i can buy some? i live in the midwest U.S.A.

  7. Rita

    Like Gary this cookie candy brings back childhood memories. It was my favorite. They were called Cadbury Shortcake and had a nice pkg not like the one pictured, but then everyone seems to be getting away from the over packaging. I loved them so much I hate to admit it, but I often pinched them. Next time I am in Cost Plus World Market I will for sure buy a couple to try, close my eyes, and see if I can be 10 again.

    • Rita

      From one Rita to another, you took the words write out of my mouth! I just had a Twix and the first bite often makes me wish for my old childhood favorite, so in vain (I thought) I did an internet search and found this lovely site. Yes, I too used to put them in my pocket at times at Safeway. I loved the pkging too, made it feel so much more special. There is a store near my office that sells lots of imported and old fashtioned candy – will be going there tomorrow!

  8. Stephanie

    This was my favorite cookie snack as a child in the 60’s. The packaging was different: inside wax/foiled wrapper then the outside purple & white packaging. The bisquit tasted buttery and more like a Lorna Doone but better. In the early 70’s when cocoa bean prices rose all of a sudden the packaging changed and the quality of the bisquit changed…then it was no longer my favorite. However, in 1982 while in
    Eugene, Oregon I came across the original wrapping and exact same flavor and consistency as my 60’s childhood and IT WAS AWESOME…maybe it depends on where it was manufactured…since then, haven’t seen it again and I live in Hawaii where I grew up and I was raised…SMILE.

  9. Vaughn Jones

    Like Gary and Rita, the snacks evoke a childhood memory. I used to walk two or more miles, in the heat, to the store, just to get them for my mom. Wish I could still find them. Vaughn

  10. phyllis meredith

    I’ve been looking for this snack for 20 + years. The last time I was in London, I found some packages for sale at a local corner store. I’ve searched the world over and anytime someone is going abroad I put my request in for cadbury shortbread cholocate biscuit.

  11. Penny Cross

    Love these things. Was horribly addicted to them when they were available.
    Adore them. They are a prefect match of lovely dry shortbread cookie and
    creamy milk chocolate.

  12. Lawrence Weathers

    I have been thinking about the Cadbury Shortcake Snacks for some time now and I decided to do a search to see if they still existed. I would have never thought that anyone would have had the same love for that snack as I did. As a child in the early 60’s they were my absolute favorite above cookies, candy, or any other treat. They were 10 cent – we were very poor so I considered them expensive. Every time I could manage to earn, save, or otherwise scrounge out a dime I would buy a pack and then savor each and every bite. Man, they were wonderful.

    • Nancy

      I agree! They were my favorite too… and lasted longer and tasted so much longer than anything my friends picked; plus they were from England which made them seem so exotic and “fancy” … and then when the Beatles became popular, that pushed them waaaay over the top! Funny, for some reason I thought they were made with dark chocolate?

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