Cadbury Allora

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Cadbury Allora

This may sound a little odd for someone in my position, but I can’t remember the last time I ate a Cadbury’s chocolate bar. Our Dom seems to be Mr. Dairy Milk and I sit contentedly at the other end of the scale, but while out buying nibbles in Doha, I came across this on the rack they put next to the checkout. You know the one – the impulse purchase sweetie rack that small children have a habit of attacking while their frustrated parent(s) are trying to pay for food.

I picked it up because I don’t think this is available in the UK (I could be wrong of course – I don’t browse for Cadbury chocs) and because it actually sounds rather interesting. “Coconut nougat coated with Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Chocolate” – definitely something Dom could get his teeth into, I’m sure.

Of course I knew it was going to be sweet, and that was before I saw that 22g of the 38g bar was sugar. I also clocked ‘bovine gelatine’ among the ingredients as well, and that did nothing to sharpen my anticipation, I can tell you!

It is sweet. Very sweet. Maybe not Hershey sweet (cue comment wars) but sweet enough to mean I wasn’t going to be eating all of it. The chocolate coating is pretty minimal here as well. Standard Dairy Milk tempering a slightly musty tasting coconut filling with a light, almost marshmallowy nougat – not the hearty, chewy filling I had expected.

If you’re a fan of Dairy Milk and you like you’re chocolate sweet, you’ll probably find this very appetising. Regular readers will know that for me, this is kind of the Anti-Choc.

Not my cup of (chocolate) tea at all.


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