Butlers Butterscotch Milk Chocolate

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Butlers Butterscotch Milk Chocolate

Butlers sent me a veritable shed load of samples following Ashleigh’s review of their 70% Organic Ginger bar the other week. At €2.45 per 100g bar, this range is a little cheaper than the dark organic bar that Ashleigh tried, so I’m guessing it’s part of their more ‘every day’ range of bars.

This is a 32% milk chocolate with small pieces of ‘butterscotch’ embedded throughout the bar. Personally, I wouldn’t call it butterscotch, it’s more of a hard caramel. Like crushed up Werthers Originals.

The bar itself is divided into large flat squares, and as you can see, this particular bar arrived a little the worse for wear. Coincidentally, this is pretty much how it looks in the picture on the wrapper too.

Butlers Butterscotch Milk Chocolate

Not the prettiest looking bars perhaps, but as it turns out it’s quite pleasant.

Bite into a square and the first thing you notice is the satisfying crunch from all the little butterscotch pieces. Although barely noticeable when looking at the chocolate, it turns out those little pieces are just the right size to give you that crunchiness.

The chocolate is smooth and creamy and although not as rich as some of the higher percentage milk chocolates I’ve had recently, it’s rather nice. I could easily demolish a whole bar without thinking about it.

The butterscotch pieces don’t add quite as much flavour as I’d like, but what there is is nice enough. A little more smoky, caramelly, buttercotchyness wouldn’t have gone amiss though.

This is a really nice chocolate to enjoy with a cup of tea. It’s not a luxury product, but falls squarely into the “well above average” category.


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  1. Is this at all akin to Green and Black’s Butterscoth/toffee bar? Every time I try that one I think “yum” at first, then it gets too crazy-sweet…

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