Bracegirdles Dark Chocolate Cranberries

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Bracegirdles Chocolate

During a recent short holiday, we stopped in at Bracegirdles Chocolate. When stopping at a place like this, one does of course pick up a few goodies to take home and try later. We did too. Oops.

Todays’ treat is dark chocolate coated Cranberries. I’ve tried a Cranberry chocolate before and the berries really didn’t have a lot of flavour. I also tried some Cranberry Clumps which were pretty good, but with a slightly crunchy texture, so hard to compare.

But – I still don’t know what real Cranberries taste like. We don’t get them fresh here (ever), so the best I can manage is juice, or Cranberries that had chocolate accidentally wrapped around them. Such a shame. So I just had to have these little beauties, found in Bracegirdles. Yes, I know, I could have picked a whole lot of the other freshly-made thingies – but they would need to be eaten on the spot and I wanted something that would keep for a few days.

These little chaps look just like every other chocolate coated whatsit you will find – you know, nuts, raisins, black garlic, whatever.

Inside is another story:

Bracegirdles Chocolate Cranberries

These claim on the pack to have dried cranberries in, but they seem to me to be only partly dried. The inside is soft, a bit squooshy (yes, that is a word… now), sweet, fruity, and kinda yummy. The dissectionistas amongst the readers should appreciate that the cut apart ball was done using… teeth!

The chocolate has no stated cocoa percentage, but sugar does appear on the label as the first ingredient, leading me to think that although “dark” this is probably about 50% cocoa. The chocolate is fairly sweet, rich, and complements the Cranberries rather well. When I let the chocolate melt away it is not at all bitter, slightly sweet, the word that springs to mind is “round”. Odd, that. This leaves the Cranberry inside to slurp and crunch up. It is pleasant, and fruity, but with no special leaping-out-and-grabbing-you flavour. These are easy-eating little treats. Not hugely complex, clever or sophisticated, but nice. Really nice.

I made a mistake and left the pack open on the kitchen bench. The family vultures have been coming past and grazing. Judging by how quickly the pack has disappeared the Lady Of The House, as well as the teenage sons, seem to think these are pretty good. I do too.

I still don’t know what real Cranberries taste like though.


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