Boehms Mocha Encores

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This little box was picked up at the grocery store on sale from $8 to 4. It’s not the most unique looking, but still inviting enough, so I thought it was worth a try.

There are twenty chocolates, all individually wrapped. They have a pleasant mocha smell. Unfortunately, the outer Mocha layer reminded me of a Hershey’s bar. Sweet and greasy, except that it was a little nuttier. Then the mocha taste comes in as you get to the cool and creamy center.

I’m partial to coffee in chocolate, so these chocolates had no trouble finding a home. But for eight dollars? There are better ways to spend your money. Sure, they’re nice and creamy, but too “sweet and greasy” to go out of your way to get.


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  1. Joan Koczon

    I am not a blogger person but I LOVE to read your comments on chocolate… I LOVE it… but have to cut down because of health issues (age too) so I live through your comments. Keep up the good work.

  2. silvermage2000

    This sounds good. i like mocha coffee in chocolate. But the price that sounds kinda high so I don’t know. But,I’t does sound good anyway.

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