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Unfortunately there was no menu card included in this selection, so I had to just dive in and see what presented itself, but I had a fairly good idea that I was in for a few treats.

As you might expect from someone with Rafaella’s chocolate making experience, all of the ingredients used are of a very high quality. The nuts are crisp and flavoursome, the chocolate rich and dark or soft and creamy, and the fillings by turns lively and bright, rich and buttery, nutty and complex, or smooth and soft.

I did have a bit of a ‘moment’ when I bit into a licorice ganache (the red and yellow striped one, if you’re interested). I don’t like licorice much at all, and it took me completely by surprise. A strong argument for a menu, if you ask me! Other than that, there were smooth, gorgeous coconut cream fillings, a lovely pistachio cream and a rich, slightly boozy ganache – something for everyone in fact.

At around £14 a box, Baruzzo chocolates don’t come cheap (and they’re not big pieces either) but everything about this collection says ‘classy’, from the elegant box to the quality of the ingredients (many sourced in Italy, naturally) this is definitely fine chocolate.

If you check out Rafaella’s web site you can find out a little more about her products, and there’s a list of stockists as well. Not your everyday chocs, but certainly well worth tracking down if you’re looking for a gift for a chocolate lover – or a special treat for yourself.


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