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Special guest Chocablogger and XFM DJ, Eddy Temple-Morris reports from Barbados.

If anyone out there in Chocablog land can shed some light on exactly what this ‘Catch’ chocolate is, leave a comment – we’d love to know!

Eddy Temple-MorrisI’ve just got back from Barbados, a well earned holiday after 15 months without a break… and i found a lovely chocolate bar there, and thought of you!

Have you ever heard of a CATCH? Ignore me if you have, if not then please allow me to contribute to your excellent blog..

A distinctive red foil wrapper reveals a classic arch shaped milk chocolate bar, with the traditional flat underside.

They say ‘soft caramel and crisped rice in milk chocolate’ – I’d say it’s more fudge than caramel, possibly a caramel fudge, but with the emphasis on the latter. I find the the french description much more appetizing:

‘Chocolat au lait fourre caramel moulet et riz croustillant’

The bar is a very simple idea done well. The flattened arch of fudge has been dipped in chocolate, then the rounded, arch-side rolled in rice crispies, then the whole thing is once more dipped in chocolate.

It’s a lovely texture more than anything else, and a real bonus for me in that one of my favourite bars was Dairy Crunch, but I stopped buying them decades ago when i found out what a bunch of c**ts Nestlé are and boycotted all their products. Chocolate and crispy rice is an awesome partnership, and the added bonus of a spine of creamy fudge works a treat here.

I can’t tell you what percentage of chocolate is used here because the wrapper doesn’t say, but it does admit to 10g of fat per bar. I ate 4 of them while on a two week holiday, and found them infinitely superior to their main Barbadian rival, the hilariously named ‘Oh Henry’ (which is basically a West Indian version of Baby Ruth, of Goonies fame, another one I can’t buy now.)

The burning question is: Why can’t we get these over here? Are there any similar bars out there that haven’t been swallowed up by those b*stards at Nestlé?


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  1. Have a look at this site

  2. Catch is very popular in Trinidad, too! I love it, and wish I could buy them in the US.

  3. I love them too… And no, so far I don’t think you can get them outside of T&T…

    AND there are no similar chocs by other companies 🙁

  4. Catch is readily available in Ireland and Taiwan – just for the record…

  5. Lea Ann

    Hello! I was Googling looking for a chocolate vendor in Barbados and came across your blog. So cool, and I’ve forwarded to a friend. My question for you is – I need to order holiday gifts for several colleagues in the Caribbean, including Barbados, since we can’t ship chocolate from the states without customs issues. Any chocolatiers or stores you can recommend on Barbados who might put together chocolate gifts? Thank you!

  6. Sarah V

    Catch is fine, but serious chocolate lovers would do well to check the locally-made bars from Agapey. They manufacture from bean to bar in small batches and the only ingredients are the best types of cacao bean, cocoa butter, and Barbados Plantation Reserve sugar, which is probably the world’s best. No stabilizers, no flavourings, no lecithin, just top quality essentials. Utterly delicious.

  7. samantha

    OMG!!! Yes I remember Catch!!!! Its been years since I last had one. I remember everytime I had one it was a good day. Does anyone remember “cheers” and “ping pongs?” they were the equivalent to chocolate m&ms and goobers! I am going way back to 1984 when I was living in Barbados. What about corn curls and Torontos? I havent had a turnover in years! Wow! I have to go back soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Catch sounds really tasty, I must try and find a bar to try it.

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