Bahlsen Waffeletten

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Bahlsen Waffeletten

Rainer from Premier Food and Beverages urged me to try a packet of the German biscuits Waffeletten. Based in Hanover, Bahlsen have been making biscuits since 1891 and export them to over 80 countries around the world. Bahlsen make an astounding 145,000 tons of biscuits every year employing about 3,800 staff to do so. An interesting little fact reveals that Bahlsen was the first European manufacturer to use a factory conveyer belt in 1917; a full eight years before Henry Ford did so with the Model T car.

Any how, what about the Waffeletten? Rolled up wafers that are half dipped in milk chocolate with 28% cocoa solids sounded like a pretty nice thing to taste test at afternoon tea time. And what a darn shame, there was no nutritional information on the back panel, so that made it far easier to eat them without stressing about saturated fat or sugar levels too much.

Bahlsen Waffeletten

They reminded me of stubby little binoculars about 3cm long and my two little co-tasters (my daughter Carly and her play-date, Juliet) were keen to try them with a glass of milk straight after school.

Their verdict? “Mmm, can we have some more please?” These delicate little wafer rolls were most definitely moreish. The milky sweet chocolate was naturally the first end a proud chocablogger elected to bite into and it melted away rapidly to allow a second sensation of crunching through to the delightfully crisps layers of wafer. Simple, scrummy and satisfying. Within two minutes, the packet was gone. That says it all really.


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  1. Maggie

    The texture contrast between the smooth chocolate and the crispy wafers is just wonderful. Oh, I do love these little thingies.

  2. ….I know….and it’s morning tea time as I write this and I should go for a mighty long power walk… in seardch of more of these….

  3. they are so yum just thinking about it I want one more just one….mmmmm tastey by juliet fraser

  4. John

    I have to agree these cookies are absolutely delicious. My sister brought them home for me from some Polish deli around here in New York and I was stunned how good they’re. In fact, I am on here typing about them and googled them to buy more! LOL

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