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Some years ago, long before I started writing for Chocablog, I discovered Australian Homemade chocolates in a store in Amsterdam, of all places. I remembered them as being very pretty to look at (they were the first chocolates I’d seen with the pretty printed patterns). I also remembered them as being quite delicious. With this in mind, I picked up a (rather plain-looking) box of nine beautiful “dreamers”, concentrating on the white chocolate with a few forays into milk and dark.

So here’s what’s inside the box:

White chocolate with milk chocolate nutty filling – Both creamy and crunchy and very strongly nutty. Quite sweet, as you’d expect from a white chocolate.

White chocolate with soft chocolate caramel filling – soft, creamy and sweet. I could taste the chocolate more than the caramel but it was a very pleasant combination

White with coconut orange – Very light and fluffy inside. Zesty with a distinct but delicate coconut edge and noticeable small orange chunks inside.

Milk chocolate with almonds, nuts and chocolate – tasted like very delicate marzipan inside. Blended well with the chocolate and was quite rich.

Milk chocolate with almond filling – tasted quite similar to the other almond milk chocolate. Felt more condensed than the other ones.

Milk chocolate with almonds – again very similar to the other almond offerings. I wasn’t quite sure what the difference is, but it was an enjoyable chocolate anyway.

White chocolate with nuts – again very similar to the nutty offerings. See above.

Dark chocolate with mixed nuts – most satisfyingly crunchy, rich and strong. Quite sweet for dark chocolate.

White chocolate with almonds – boozy, sweet and delicate. Possibly my favourite, along with the coconut orange one.

All in all, this is a great selection of chocolates and I am now curious to taste their other milk and dark chocolate offerings. It’s a shame you can’t seem to be able to get them in this country!


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  1. Ah one day I reckon they’ll realise they could print the names of the chocolates on them and then there’s be less guesswork! 🙂

  2. Natan

    Just to let your consumers know,

    This is not an Australian company and in opening its doors in Sydney, Australia, found it received very poor press,as it passed itself off as Australian. A couple of years later it closed its doors.

    As an Australian, I am offended by the mock ‘Aboriginal” designs on the chocolates…. the manufacturers behind this brand have no cultural sensitivity to the Australian Aboriginals!! Prior to making these designs, they should consult Australian Aboriginal Artists, pay them for their designs and respect their culture!!

  3. yekgnxtzz

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