Askinosie Malted Milk

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The first thing I noticed about this bar was the packaging. The simple translucent paper, showing a card insert underneath is a step up from the rustic Askonosie packaging I’m used to, but still retains a handmade feel.

The second thing I noticed is that there’s no cocoa bean origin listed anywhere on the packaging. More surprisingly, there’s no cocoa percentage listed either. That’s very unusual for a bean-to-bar chocolate maker like Askinosie, so I can only assume it’s by design rather than an oversight.

The information was easy to find though. A quick look at the website shows that this bar is in fact 60% cocoa solids – very impressive for a dark milk – and a tweet to @Askinosie and I quickly get the answer that the beans are from Tanzania.

As you can see, it’s a beautiful looking bar, following Askinosie’s usual format of one-letter-per-square, with a rich, dark colour and beautifully glossy finish. It’s almost a shame to break into it.

I really like the flavour. After an initial fruity, dark chocolate burst, the flavour evens out to a rich, smooth malted milk. It’s not sweet, thanks to the hefty cocoa content, but it is very smooth and creamy. There’s a very slightly bitter aftertaste, but not an unpleasant one – it’s just enough to make you want another piece.

The malted milk powder works so well with this particular chocolate, and the result is something that really stands out from the crowd. And I can’t stop eating it.

Certainly one of my favourite dark milk chocolates, and well worth seeking out.

Thanks to Judith who gave me this particular bar.


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  1. I’ve been eying that bar at the shop near my office for a couple of months. It’s $11.75, so I’ve been hesitant to pick it up, though I did get the licorice bar and quite liked it.

    I tried Askinosie’s Malted Moo Moo a couple of years ago and was really disappointed.

  2. Sounds like a tasty bar; can imagine the malty milk powder works really well..may have to hunt some of this down!

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