Arnott’s Honeycomb Tim Tam Crush

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Tim Tam Crush

I was unchained today and allowed into the supermarket. So I came home with chocolatey goodies, as one does.

Amongst my haul was the Tim Tam Crush, something I saw in passing. I bought it on a whim; after all the venerable Tim Tam has only ever been improved once – by the release of the Dark Version. Any other fiddling would be heresy, and I was therefore pretty sure that I’d hate this, along with the roughly 27 cousins it has in strange new varieties. I bought it so I could write something terrible and scathing about it, I could not face the thought of the “cookies and cream” version. Who fiddles with a winning formula, after all? (Don’t mention New Coke). Yes, yes, I know the Tim Tam has been fiddled with before, and it’s still happening.

I also noticed that the standard Tim Tam comes in a 200g pack – these novelty versions are the same price – but you only get 150g in a pack – a cunning plan indeed when you can supply 25% less product and charge the same price.

Come 5pm, it was time – time for the test.

The classic Tim Tam has been around forever, and Aussies are renowned for scoffing them in vast quantities and drinking tea through them. Oldest son is capable of drinking a glass of milk through one. [Something which I believe requires considerable effort.] How would this compare?

Tim Tam Crush

The smell, on opening the pack – is rich and sweet. Mainly sweet. The chocolate is not especially dark, and its pretty soft. Lots of milk in this one. I busted one open – a REAL Tim Tam has two biscuity layers and some sweet chocolatey-moussey-stuff in between with a slathering of chocolate all over the outside. This Crush thing has only a single biscuity layer, and quite a lot of the soft chocolatey-moussey-stuff, with a few chunks of something yellow shoved in here and there.

Eldest Son, bit the ends off, took one look, and said “Its not a real Tim Tam”. That about sums it up. Needs TWO layers.

And it tastes…. sweet. It is very sweet, and there is no way you could drink your tea through one of these. As a sort of a version of the real thing, its actually not bad. Better than I expected. The first was not really enough to do a decent taste test, a second was required to confirm the impression. A third was not possible – too sweet.


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  1. Christine

    This is the only ‘special’ version of Tim Tam that I’ve tried and I quite liked it. I agree that it’s very sweet but also quite moreish.

  2. Ah there’s a couple of other flavours that I liked – in spite of myself but Ashleigh, surely the Double Coat was just as good as Tim Tam dark?

  3. I have to disagree that they are too sweet. Think I ate nearly the whole pack in one sitting ha ha ok had help from a kid too! I have so far, enjoyed all the flavour of Tim Tams, nothing can ever beat an original, but there is also nothing wrong with adding other flavours into the Tim Tam family.

  4. Your article was excnelelt and erudite.

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