Annie’s Cocoa & Vanilla Bunnies

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Annie's Cocoa & Vanilla Bunnies

My turn to approach the breakfast foods. Annie’s Homegrown has a young target audience with their products, but it is my belief that good foods have no age group. Their Cheddar Bunnies, for instance, are a favorite of mine. Not having seen their cereal before, I took up this box as part of my grocery selection. Notice the brown color; I think Annie’s is intentionally communicating that this doesn’t have to be just a children’s cereal. The back of the box is also interesting: above the word and picture activities is a short blurb about chocolate that still managed to teach me something. Namely, that back when the Aztecs used cacao beans as currency, four beans were the price of a turkey. See the useful facts you learn from cereal boxes?

Annie's Cocoa & Vanilla Bunnies

This cereal is supposed to take the forms of two rabbits and, I think, a flower. You have to use your imagination a little to see rabbit shapes. Now, the thing I like about kid’s cereals of this “healthy” kind, besides the abstract art, is the taste of the evaporated cane juice they use. Its sweet deliciousness is delicate as honey, just not so thick.

Half the cereal is chocolate, half vanilla, which means that the chocolate taste is simple and light. The advantage of this being the case is that it isn’t a cereal that will quickly grow overwhelming or repetitive. The vanilla flavor turns out in equal strength, not artificial at all. The two go together well. There’s also something of a wheat taste on the side if you’re eating them straight out of the box, which would be due to the whole oat flour and rice flour.

The crunch is very soft, as this cereal absorbs liquid quickly; not a downside, however, since there’s no problem finishing before it gets too soggy. I only have the usual problem I have with cereals (well, their Nutrition Facts): how can this box have eight servings? It’s more like two or three. But I’m sure I’ll be buying this again many times — Annie’s just makes entertaining food to eat, which also has better ingredients than average.


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