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There’s nothing quite like finding good chocolate in unexpected places and that is happening more and more in Eastern Canada. I’m not complaining. And so when I made my first ever Amedei sighting in town, I jumped on the small, perfectly formed box without paying much attention to the contents. I simply had to have it.

Whilst better known for their stunning chocolate bars, I was fairly confident that their boxes would be more than adequate. And once I realised I had some truffles, I began to check out the box for more information.

It turns out that they don’t scrimp on the chocolate, even though they probably could have – the milk chocolate is a perfectly acceptable 32% while the dark chocolate is a robust 66% and, rather surprisingly the white chocolate (which is listed as white milk chocolate…) has a decent 29% cocoa solids.

Here’s the rundown of the contents:

Delizioso – milk chocolate on the outside, and the inside is a lovely creamy hazelnut centre with tiny bits of the nuts themselves to add some crunch. A rich, full flavour and a rather nice way to start the box.

Passione – probably the booziest chocolate I’ve had in a long, long time. This is the kind of rum truffle that doesn’t mess around – lots of rum and just the right amount of dark chocolate to add a counterpoint.

Tartufo – the combination of dark chocolate dusted with bitter chocolate means that it takes a while for the hazelnut paste inside to get a chance to shine. But it does eventually and that’s when things really begin to happen. The most decadent truffle of the six and definitely my favourite from the box.

Solare – more milk chocolate with a zabaione centre or for those without Wikipedia access, some Italian custard with a splash of wine. A good balance between the sweetness and the creaminess.

Capriccio – more alcohol, but this time some grappa and a lot less of it and the sweetness of vine flowers get pretty close to overwhelming it. Throw in some white chocolate and there isn’t much room left for the grappa. A bit too subtle compared to the rest of the box.

Vin Santo – dessert wine truffle this time although the end result isn’t that different from the Solare one. Not necessarily a bad thing.

A very satisfying collection, even if it was a little heavy on the hazelnut/alcohol theme. The one problem with the box is that these are tiny little truffles – the 12 in the box weigh in 120g, making it very easy to get through very quickly. And I did. And at the end, I was genuinely sad that they were all gone because I thoroughly enjoyed them.

I’m hoping for another Amedei sighting again very soon…


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  1. Amedei is one of Italy’s youngest, but best brands. Love their specialty dark chocolates. And I’ve always wanted to visit more of Canada than just friends in Ottawa, so now I can add the relief that good Italian chocolate can be found there

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