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We review some amazing fine chocolates on Chocablog, but many regard this as one of the finest there is. It’s also one of the most expensive; I paid £9 for this 50g bar in Fortnum & Mason, which I think makes it the priciest chocolate (by weight) that I’ve ever purchased, although you can find it cheaper online.

But before I get to talk about the chocolate, it’s worth taking a moment to look at the packaging. These bars used to be sold in simple, small, card boxes which more or less reflected the size of the bar inside. Amedei recently updated their packing, and now sell their bars in these folding ‘pouches’, which are very stylish, but hardly reflect the size or shape of the bar inside.

At first glance, the bar looks to be the same size as the bars that surround it on the shop shelf, most of which are 85g or more. In actual fact, you might be getting half the quantity for twice the price of the bars this is sold with.

So what makes this chocolate so special? Well it starts with the rare Venezuelan Porcelana cocoa beans used to make it. The beans get their name from their translucent, white appearance, and there’s only enough of them to produce 3,000 kilos of chocolate per year.

Every year, Amedei produces 20,000 of these 50g bars, each of which are individually numbered on the back of the pack.

My own bar has been safely stored away at the bottom of my stash for the last few months, and as you can see from the photo below, it’s a little the worse for wear. That’s likely down to my own poor treatment of the bar, rather than anything that happened to it before I purchased it. I really should take more care of my precious possessions.

The design of the bar is simple, yet pleasing. The individual pieces are perhaps slightly too big for my liking though. I’d have to really love someone to give them a whole chunk of this.

The aroma is rich and chocolatey, but there’s nothing that stands out about it. It’s slightly fruity, but just smells like a really nice chocolate. The kind of chocolate that makes you want to break off a big piece and eat it too quickly. This deserves to be taken slowly though.

Those qualities are reflected in the flavour too. It’s smooth, rich and sweet, without a hint of bitterness. Like your favourite hot chocolate in solid form, it’s comforting and warming. There’s a hint of fruitiness and spice, but it’s not a complex flavour, just an deliciously creamy, chocolatey experience that develops slowly and stays with you, long after the chocolate has gone.

The texture of this bar are something special too. It’s incredibly smooth and melts slowly and evenly across the tongue. When it’s gone, the temptation is to go back and break off a bigger chunk, but it only takes the smallest of pieces to get the full experience of this chocolate.

So is it worth the price? Well it’s certainly one of my favourite chocolates of all time, and I don’t regret spending £9 of my hard earned money on it at all. I guess the real question is, would I buy it again at that price? The answer to that question is emphatically “yes”, and I’d recommend anyone who loves chocolate do the same.


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  1. Hallo everyone!
    I just wanted to express my opinion on this Amadei porcelana bar. I bought it yesterday in Stockholm,the price was rather high and I hoped for the same wonderful porcelana taste as I was used to from another French brand,but unfortunately discovered that Amadei is my big disappoinment.I was even shocked,becaz I really waited for a great enjoyment as usual,,,The taste of Amadei is not at all worth that price.nothing special-very sweet,even SUGARY,no hint of bitterness,fruity…ORDINARY TASTE..,at least when U compare it to the brand i m used to..Of course when U never tried a better chocolate Amadei can be worth a positive review,but the price for this is not AT ALL low,U can buy something alike for a lower price. I give U the brand I m in love with and U can compare it-Chocolats Pralus is the name.The taste of this bar is strong,rich,fruity,crispy and at the same time very smooth in mouth.I can eat it the whole life as it is really paradisy..I don t get why so many ppl do like Amadei and think it is so GRAND…i hope that MY Amadei bar was fake,otherwise I think ppl are all a bit crazy about it

  2. Love the individually-numbered limited-edition chocolate! I will keep a bar stashed in my new chocolate bag I bought from Pylones! Here’s the link if anyone wants to check it out:

  3. Guilherme Aguiar

    I have tried but is a disappoinment to me also. I have tried the Original Beans -“Piura Porcelana” also and i have to say… it is the best porcelana i have tasted ever, it fits for a king. From Amedei i have to say that “Chuao” is better than the Porcelana and in this kind is the worlds better “Chuao”. But as i said for me the “Piura Porcelana” from Original Beans is the worlds best chocolate. POINT.

  4. sara wright

    Please tell me where in Paris I can find Amadei chocolates? Le Bon Marche? Thank you in advance,

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