Amber Lyn Sugar Free Bars & Truffles

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Amber Lyn Sugar Free Bars & Truffles

The formula for Amber Lyn’s sugar free chocolate comes from Belgium, discovered in 1999 by founder Lyman Peterson. His goal, and a sort of motto for the company today, was to find a “sugar free chocolate that didn’t taste sugar free.”

So I began testing the claim with their white chocolate bar. And they’re absolutely right on this one. Even without the sugar, the white chocolate is still its very creamy, sweet, and buttery self. Pleasant as far as whites go.

Amber Lyn Sugar Free Bars & Truffles

The milk chocolate (no cocoa percentages are listed on these three) tastes like… carob? Just a little, and I kind of like the dusty touch, though the carob-haters may not. It also has a rather delicious sweetness lingering on the edges. I quite like it. I think you can tell this one’s sugar free, though, but if it tastes good, what’s so bad about that?

The dark – well, it’s an alternative. He seems to be the child of Dove and carob, and he’s a little… odd, but if you give him a chance (aka. a second piece), he kind of starts to grow on you. At first, it doesn’t seem to have much depth, then a roundness comes out in the flavors that’s rather intriguing.

Amber Lyn Sugar Free Bars & Truffles

There were also four caramel truffles, two milk and two dark. The milk is, somewhat strangely, the one in the darker color. As I unwrapped it, I considered how most caramel is almost pure sugar and likewise probably tricky to get right without sugar. It’s the gooey, sticky kind of caramel they went for, and it ends up as simple as a Rolo. More like candy, yet still enjoyable. I think I’m even liking not having all the sugar. In the dark truffle, Mr. Carob-Dove and the softer-tasting caramel have a funny combo. There’s an almost salty taste. I think the milk worked better, but this one’s decent enough.

Sugar-less is what Amber Lyn set out to do, and it’s obvious that’s what they do best. Definitely worth looking into if you need (or want) to stay away from sugar. They’re also gluten free, “carb conscious,” and preservative-free. They have a wide range of flavors, too, so you’ll have plenty of new ones to try.


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  1. Sara

    As someone who’s had to be on a sugar-free diet before, I’d say these are some of the better sugar-free chocolate bars on the market. However, try out the flavored ones, they’re better than the plain ones. Their milk chocolate orange is DELICIOUS. I like these because they use a high grade of malitol (sugar alcohol sugar alternative) which doesn’t give me any side effects like the cheap stuff used in say, Dove (their sugar-free chocolate makes me pretty sick).

  2. greg

    Good review… except for the fact that I would have to disagree with you on the carob comment. I grew up drinking carob milk and eating carob. These chocolates do not taste like carob. I think the chocolate bars are ok but I love the coconut truffles and dark caramel truffles. I’ve tried a lot sugar free chocolate and these are by far the best.

  3. Dyann

    The chocolates are excellent and tasty. As a Diabetic, I am delighted to find them.
    Be VERY carful using the website. If you forget the s at the end of chocolates, you get a porno sit.

  4. Hi Anthony, I haven’t tried this with added baking soda, thuogh I have seen candy recipes using sugar that called for it. It’s on my want-to-experiment-with list! Honey candy is a bit different than sugar candy in that it tends to be softer no matter what I do, outside of refrigeration. At least, in my experiences so far. I certainly haven’t tried all of the recipe combos out there thuogh am still learning when it comes to candy-making!

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