Albert Heijn Excellent Swiss Milk Chocolate With Honey Waffle

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Albert Heijn Excellent Swiss Milk Chocolate With Honey Waffle

(Or Albert Heijn Excellent Zwitserse Melkchocolade met Stroopwafelsmaak in original Dutch!)

My mom got this chocolate as a present and passed it onto me. A bit of research told me that Albert Heijn is a dutch supermarket and I do believe “Excellent” is their equivalent of Tesco’s “Finest”. The mind boggles as to how the Dutch equivalent of Tesco’s Finest ended up distributed in Israel (there is a Hebrew language import sticker on the packaging) but there you go. One of life’s sweet mysteries.

Being a fan of both chocolate and the famous Dutch honey waffles (the ones that go on top of your cup of coffee so that they go all warm and soft in the middle) I got really excited when I was given this bar. In my mind’s eye (or mouth), I envisioned the perfect combination of flavours and textures – because what could be nicer than a sticky waffle covered in chocolate?

Albert Heijn Excellent Swiss Milk Chocolate With Honey Waffle

Boy was I wrong. This thin bar is composed of what can only be described as cheap, bland chocolate and some kind of sickly syrup that instantly leaves a bad taste in your mouth (if only it disappeared as quickly as it appeared). This is a far cry from the implied quality of either of those ingredients. I am not sure what the crunchy bits are in the chocolate, but they certainly weren’t any kind of actual waffle. Perhaps if I could read the Dutch ingredients list I’d have been spared the disappointment I felt after eating this. It tastes nothing like the waffles and, frankly, not much like chocolate either. It’s just a hit of unbearable, sickly sweetness that will stay with you until you clear your palate with something more, well… palatable.


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  1. Laura

    I suddenly have the urge to melt some good quality chocolate over a Dutch honey waffle…


  2. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Me too. Amazing how a negative review can still make you hungry. 🙂

  3. Bummer! The packaging looks so good, too.

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