Agave Dream Chocolate Ice Cream

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Now that the summer is upon us in all its sunshiny glory, it’s the cooler treats that begin to look more welcoming. What I have here is chocolate ice cream by Agave Dream. Besides being something to cool off with, it is also sugar free (sweetened instead with agave nectar), gluten free, corn syrup free, preservative free, rBST free, hormone free, and all natural.

The good thing about all this freeness is that, while the info is plain to find on the box, it isn’t plastered over every surface. Instead, there’s a lightly old-fashioned look (which I always enjoy, given it’s done right), even if a less-recognizable painting would be more welcome and original.

The texture of the ice-cream is two-sided. It’s frothy and foamy on one hand, but also has little dusty grains. At first this didn’t disturb me, then the graininess began to interfere too much. I’m still not counting it as a hands-down negative; it’s just not expected and not really wanted, either.

This may be only my perspective, but I found that the lack of sugar allowed the chocolate to come out more. It still isn’t an intense chocolate taste; the focus just shifts over. Not every ice cream will give you such a long list of qualities past sugar free: if getting all of these is important to you, Agave Dream is definitely worth trying out.

If, on the other hand, you don’t feel so strongly, be more wary about choosing it for your summer afternoon treat. Eating ice cream is accompanied by certain expectations, and feeling graininess instead of simply creaminess when you swallow isn’t something everyone will look past. It’s worth it if you can, but only if.


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  1. jen

    Bought some at Ballard Market. Can’t find it there anymore…what’s up? Where else in Seattle can I find it?

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