5th Avenue Chocolatiere Cocoa Covered Truffles

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I think all the chocolatiers got together recently and decided to make their boxes wooden in order to impress me. It’s hard to look at others after the American Heritage box, but still, there is something about the plain wood box of truffles I got from 5th Avenue Chocolatiere that is nicer than a cardboard box.

A family-owned company based in New York, 5th Avenue has been around since 1973, when it was started by John Whaley. From their website:”We create chocolates for year-round gift-giving in addition to traditional holidays.” Besides these, they also make the more standard-looking round truffles, chocolate cremes and a variety of chocolate-covered items (including bananas), and a selection of molded chocolates.

My box is the medium size, with 15 truffles for a standard $22 price tag. Red is the accent color, on both the small logo stamp and the red tissue paper. The gold of the box’s tray works quite well; it surrounds the chocolate faces as they stare up at you like so many members of royalty. I like their square shape as a change from the usual truffle look, as well.

A downside for me was getting them out of their golden beds. It may only be because of my warmer climate that I had trouble, but I can’t be sure. They’re lovely otherwise, thick and rich. Like little ganaches or mousses with substance, they have a soft, smooth, and semi-fluffy texture. The constant taste is full of deepness and richness and chocolateness. There is no ingredients list, but I’m not tasting fillers.

Few people there must be who wouldn’t like a gift of a box of these. Having that similarity to mousse (which, as a dessert, has a certain degree of sweetness), it has a richness that remains approachable.


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  1. nice packaging,the gratest asset of marketing chocolates
    is the packaging , it got to be mouth watering before its tasted.

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