Scientists invent non-melting chocolate

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Sometimes I think scientists have too much time on their hands. Take this news story for example. Apparently, scientists at the Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria have invented a non-melting chocolate that doesn’t melt in hot climates.

By mixing the cocoa with cornstarch, the scientists have come up with just such a chocolate. And what’s more, it works. Except it seems, they’ve only now realised they’ve created a chocolate that doesn’t melt. So it won’t melt in the mouth.

Somehow, I don’t think this one will catch on…

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  1. Hmm.. if chocolate doesnt melt, it is so againts the nature =(

  2. Chocolate that doesn’t melt has been around at least since Desert Storm… Nestle invented a candy bar for the military to eat in hot climates…

  3. Dan

    :C i wanted to invent that…
    ^^ it’s perfect for my dream to be a anime chocolate sculpturist

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