Mars no longer suitable for vegetarians

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Many of Mars UK’s biggest selling chocolate products are no longer suitable for vegetarians from this month because Masterfoods has inexplicably decided to start using animal rennet in its chocolate.

The affected products include:

  • Mars Bar
  • Snickers
  • Twix
  • Maltesers
  • Bounty
  • Mily Way
  • Minstrels

…in other words, just about everything that Mars makes.

According to BBC News, Mars says this was a “principled decision”, but if you ask me it’s one of the most stupid business decisions I’ve ever seen. Not only does this preclude roughly 10% of people in the UK who call themselves vegetarian from eating Mars products, but it’s not going to win any friends with the rest of us who just don’t want squished up baby cows’ stomachs in our chocolate.

If you feel strongly about this issue, you might want to visit the Masterfood’s web site and leave them a nice comment.

My opinion? Well it’s quite simple really. I want chocolate in my stomach, not stomach in my chocolate.

(Thanks to Shabnam & Charlie for bringing this to my attention)

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  1. Mmmm…animal rennet…my salival glands have been activated, I’m practically drooling at the thought of delicious rennet in my chocolate!

  2. ...

    I left them a “nice” comment 🙂

  3. We’ve set up a website to campaign against the move:

    Please visit:


    The “principled decision” is actually informing the general public – which was to save themselves from embarrasment, if it go leaked – however UK law doesn’t oblige them to inform you of processing agents.

  4. Rachel

    I’m going to miss Mars bars. 🙁
    And Snickers, and Milky Ways.
    Okay, all of it…

  5. ...


    After 6,000 complaints, Mars is going back the way it was!

  6. ruchi varma

    whether it is to save themselves of embarrasement, if it leaked out or otherwise, the only question in this modern world is that y can’t a normal chocolate bar be made w/o using / killing animals, which the whole of the world can njoy…………….. its a shame…………. yes of course, i’ll miss mars…………. very much…………. i love them …………. rather loved ’em…………. 🙁

  7. mary mckay

    dear sir/madam
    i am trying to find away to complian to company about the apolling state the 2 packets of revels i bought today the chocalate was all a white and the sweets were stuck together this is not what i have come to expected from your company in the past i have never had any coplaints about your products
    yours truely MARY

  8. pwincess

    thnx for the information i want to now every chocolate that have the animals stomch in and i want to now if kitkat is with them please can you informe by sending a messege to my e-mail and telling me every chocolate that have the animals stomch.
    thank you

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