Cadbury Mixionary Launch

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We perhaps wouldn’t normally write about a Cadbury Launch, but when you’re invited along to a launch party at The British Library with Claudia Winkleman and the amazing Brian Blessed, it’s difficult to say no. So that’s where we found ourselves on Thursday, and rather fun it was too.

The idea of the promotion is to come up with a word that describes Cadbury chocolate and tweet it to @DairyMilk with the hashtag #JoyvilleTaster. The winner will become “Honorary Cadbury Taster” and win practically unlimited quantities of Cadbury chocolate, I’m told. Claudia and Brian explain it much better that I could in the video above.

And while you’re thinking of your word, here’s some photos from the launch event…


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  1. Great Idea.
    Cadbury chocolate is tasty!

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