World Baking Day!

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Did you know that this Sunday 20th May, is World Baking Day?

Well no, either did I. But apparently it is, and they got in touch a couple of days ago to tell us about it. And they also sent this big box of ingredients to bake with along with some recipe cards.

So now I guess I really have no choice but to bake something now!

If you’re interested in taking part yourself, then follow World Baking Day on Twitter and don’t forget to tweet photos of your creations. Assuming my efforts don’t go disastrously wrong, I’ll be doing a follow up post to let you know how I got on.

But what to bake? I could of course just go for something on the recipe cards they sent. But it’s also my birthday weekend and I have a lot of leftover chocolate to use up. Suggestions gratefully received!


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  1. I guess it’s time I made another batch of Paul A Young’s cherry brownies, then! Any excuse to bake cakes…

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