Win A Chocolate iPhone Case

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Chocolate iPhone Case

Update: This competition is now closed!

Perhaps one of the silliest things I’ve written about on Chocablog recently, this iPhone case from MobileFun is probably not the kind of thing you’d want to eat.

Made entirely from rubber, you simply stretch it over your iPhone and it make it look… almost.. like a bar of chocolate. It’s almost-milk-chocolate-colour, and each of the 20 ‘segments’ have a logo on them that kind-of-vaguely-ish makes it look slightly like a chocolate bar.

Chocolate iPhone Case

I’m not sure that it offers a huge amount of protection to your phone, and it is somewhat bulky, but it’s functional – provided you only ever intend to drop the phone so it lands face up.

With cutouts for the camera, headphones, buttons and dock connector, you can use the phone while it’s in the case, providing you don’t mind being laughed at.

At ยฃ13.47, it’s not particularly cheap, but if you want to win this very case (iPhone not included!), simply leave a comment below and I’ll pick someone at random to send it to. UK residents only this time though, and just one entry per household!

I’ll pick a winner on Monday 24th May


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Comments On This Post

  1. Rachel Liang

    I’m sure I had a dream the other night where my iPhone was made of chocolate, with disasterous consequences.


    Zero calories, Carb free & no cows were used in the making of this product!!!

  3. Cliff

    I really hope I don’t win this… I’m on a diet!

  4. Tye Mitchell

    Sweet! lol, two addictions in one ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Evil lurks in chocolate.

  6. Now… SRSLY… how could you possibly resist walking around talking to a bar of chocolate all day… or stroking your bar of chocolate on the bottom.


  7. iChoc

    It’s choctastic.

  8. cheryl hadfield

    its making me feel hungry!!!

  9. Neil Tungate

    He-he, I don’t even have an iPhone, but the rest of the family do. I’d enjoy gifting it to one of them ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Clair Williams

    it’s like a dog chew for humans

  11. Paul Vincent

    The thought of producing a vibrating chocolate bar from my pocket, and talking to it, is almost irresistible!

  12. Sakura

    I wish it was chocolate scented too!

  13. kelly smith

    yum looks good enough to eat lol x

  14. I’m Cat and I’m a chocoholic. I hope to kick my habit by switching to the ‘iBloc’ chocolate substitute which doubles as a handy phone case too!

  15. Vicki Page-Clark

    So do they do a dark chocolate version? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. Marianne Strachan

    Cool, but on second thoughts might not be such a good idea to win this as i might accidentally eat my phone!

  17. Lis Ries

    That may well be my dream iphone case!!! Its fantastic! ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Would make an ideal gift (as I don’t have an iPhone to call my own).

  19. Kara-lee

    LOL! FANTASTIC idea! I love it. Then I coulc blame my chocolate addiction on my phone call addiction. Ahhh bliss!

  20. Kara-lee

    Sorry, meant to mention in the above post. I am not a UK resident so please dont include me in the drawing!

  21. Spencer Broadley

    If i won I’d have to leave it out of girlfriend’s way cos she’d probably eat it !!!!!

  22. I’m meant to be on a diet at the moment, so maybe wrapping my ipod in chocolate wouldn’t be such a good idea (i’m not very good at this diet lark), but I’d love love love it ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Simon

    Am I eligible?

    For the competition, I meant.

  24. Jan Wolfe

    You know what would make this even better – a few extra squares at the bottom in which to keep an emergency supply of chocolate. We all have our own little emergencies every day….

  25. Geri Gibson


  26. Sandy

    I just knew there was something missing in my life! It is just too funny, but i love it! Please count me in. Thanks.

  27. heather kear

    MMMMMM zero calorie choccy…brill.

  28. Serena

    Probably the best sort of chocolate to leave in your handbag – mine was a bit soft and squishy when I got home this afternoon!
    Love the sunny weather but not ideal for chocolate outdoors!

  29. Tatjana

    Looks delicious! ะะฐ ะฒะธะด – ะฒะบัƒัะฝะพ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. I love it!!! Very fun design whoever thought of it..

  31. Andrew

    a choco-phonic delight

  32. Julian Beech

    hope the dog doesn’t see my phone lying around looking like that

  33. Julian Beech

    or my girlfriend ๐Ÿ˜‰

  34. kathleen marsden

    YUM YUM YUM may…iphone cadbury’s to see if they have a bar missing

  35. korky

    brilliant !!

  36. Jane Adair


  37. Rosemary Trusdale

    My two favourie things my iphone and a bar of chocolate,mmmmmmmm

  38. Emma

    this is fab, i would be the envy of all my friends with this on my iphone

  39. Diane

    lol I love it. This beats any other case i’ve seen. It’d be so funny looking like i’m listening to a bar of chocolate haha.

  40. Paul Green

    iPhone & chocolate does life get any better?

  41. Julie P

    Urmmm…..I-Phone, Chocolate…perfect combination!!

  42. Andrena harrison


  43. legs21

    its making me feel hungry

  44. ian green

    i love chocolate
    i love my phone
    please let this be on my doormat
    when i get home.

  45. Laura Sanderson

    Now this could make me fat…thinking of chocolate every few seconds!

  46. peter arnold


  47. FionaLynne Edwards

    You might not be able to eat it – but it would sure make me feel better having some form of chocolate THAT close always!

  48. jamesmum

    my 2 only pleasures in life all rolled into 1. brilliant.

  49. Lisa Allison

    It will be constantly tempting you to eat chocolate, help build your strength to say NO to chocolate!

  50. juliette morrison

    would love to win this – what a fab case – hope it smells like chocolate too

  51. Gordon Wright

    My two favourite things.

  52. Paul Lancaster

    would look great with my iphone ( or the wife’s as im sure she’d pinch it from me if i win)

  53. Michelle Williams

    Lovely cover, please count me in

  54. anne tiernan

    will it melt in this sunshine?

  55. linda curtis

    this is sswet like chocoalte but even sweeter ๐Ÿ™‚

  56. DENISE

    My daughter would love this her 2 favorite things are iphone and chocolate

  57. linda curtis

    sweet sweet sweet ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  58. Victoria Boland

    I would love to win this for my husband. He has an iphone and is the biggest chocoholic ever!

  59. Zainab Govalia

    An amazing invention for chocoholics like me…
    A prize in pocket others will envy!!!

  60. Jennifer Thorpe

    lol! love it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  61. Vicky

    Very cool!!

  62. Darren Cousins

    Makes me hungry looking at this!

  63. frances hopkins

    What a great idea – could look at that all day and remind myself how much I love chocolate

  64. ross a

    lol chocolate iphone case this would be great for my mate, who cant stay away from the stuff.

  65. Amanda

    Yummmm….. put the kettle on!

  66. Daniel Gavin

    Sounds great – may be tempted to munch on phone during a call tho…

  67. Andrea

    yum looks good enough to eat!

  68. Chmaine Apaloo-Lee

    might mistake it for a bar of chocolate to munch, looks yummyy

  69. I’m kind to my chocolate and I go ‘Aaah’ when its near
    When i’m told i cant eat it their is never a tear
    I love my iphone and i’ll make sure all bits
    are snuggled up in chocolate so it just fits.
    I have to admit it this prize is so sweet
    i’m of on to twitter to leave you a tweet.xx

  70. Kate

    This would make the perfect christmas gift for my friend – to go with her chocolate calculator, lip balm, chocolate everything. She would totally adore this.

    Thanks for offering this prize.

  71. Rick

    What a great cover.

  72. Gary Vaughan

    It looks the colour of diarrhoea but actually isn’t.

  73. HAZEL G


  74. Victoria Smith

    Looks good enough to eat!!!

  75. rae h

    Oh Yum..I would love to win this as my hubby thinks im a chocoholic anyway so this would prove it lol

  76. Jodie

    oooohhhh My iphone would get pinched for sure!!! especially now it looks like a bar of chocolate!

  77. Robyn Clarke


    My two favourite things…chocolate and my Iphone

  78. Jenny

    My other half has an iPhone – I’d love to suprise him with this! ๐Ÿ™‚

  79. Alasdair MacInnes

    Chocolate and iphone’s, probably two of the sexiest things in the world

  80. andrew w

    this better not melt…

  81. heather shaw

    oh dear. i hope mt phone is insured against water damage…. or drool damage more like!

  82. Suzanne sendell

    Id want to keep taking a nibble out of it
    Imagine If it smelt of chocolate mmmm

  83. Chris

    Silly indeed

  84. Vanessa

    I’m going to end up eating that case.

  85. Sarah T

    Very original case!

  86. Nat

    That is brilliant!

  87. Catherine MacLennan

    Great idea, would love to win.

  88. caroline davison

    I am really into chocolate, so this would be great. even better if it was scratch and sniff as well ๐Ÿ™‚

  89. John

    This would look great on top of my chocolate fireplace.

  90. Denise Parsons

    How cool is this!

  91. Joanne B

    very cool – only worry is hubby might try to eat my phone!

  92. Matthew Popplewell

    cool ๐Ÿ™‚


    id love to snap off a block and get my fix!

  94. Carolina

    What an interesting idea!

  95. Karl Thomas

    I’d like one, tho i’d worry about mistaking it for a real bar and eating my i-phone by accident!

  96. Rachel

    Would’nt this just melt in your hands? ….:)

  97. Jacqui McCarthy

    My fella’s two fave things are his iphone and chocolate so he would just love this case.

  98. Danielle Graves

    I think I would be tempted to try and eat this!

  99. Angie

    i would be tempted to eat it!!

  100. Solange

    I like chocolate, I do!



  102. Phil D

    Is there anything better than iChocolate? No iCalories and it doesn’t melt in your iPocket

  103. GosiaK

    Sweet iPhone ๐Ÿ™‚

  104. susannah southurst

    please enter me into the draw ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you

  105. Alison

    I love this!!

  106. Paul Marshall

    Oh please let me win this! I lurrve chocolate!

  107. Kate

    Mmmm! Looks like a great case!

  108. Melanie Hunt

    Omg….i love it . i love anything out of the norm. how cool is thisd and imagaine the looks in the street, while you talk to your choccy bar lmao

  109. Mike

    Chocolate made of rubber…… if only chocolate would stretch to last forever. mmmmmmmmmmmmm

  110. claire green

    omgosh, how yummy does this look?!
    I’m on a diet at the moment, so a replacement non-edible chocolate bar would do just the trick to help me shed those pounds lol!
    People would also think I’m mad talking into a chocolate bar, but hey, it looks good!

  111. Jemma Peyton

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, chocolate!

  112. helen inns

    looks good enough to eat!!

  113. Nicky

    Looks great!

  114. Steve r

    Think this would certainly taste more appealing than Paul A Young’s marmite bar – you either love it or hate as they say

  115. Helenthemadex

    does it smell of chocolate?

  116. blackbird

    This looks good enough to eat. Yum!

  117. Stephanie Cummins

    haha funny!!!!

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