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Update: This competition is now closed.

This is the new ad from Cadbury that will start airing on Saturday 7th August. It’s part of what they call their “most exciting ever marketing initiative”.

Because marketing initiatives are just so exciting!

The idea behind the campaign is apparently to get you to go to the Spots v Stripes web site, pick a side and play all kinds of games. The campaign will continue until 2012, when Cadbury can cash in on the London Olympics. Yay, Cadbury!

To celebrate this exciting initiative, Cadbury sent us a big box of marketing stuff that we haven’t looked at and 20 bars of chocolate that (1) we’ve already reviewed and (2) contains palm oil which we don’t like.

But we can’t bring ourselves to throw it away, so we’ve decided to give the chocolate away to one of our Twitter followers. We know lots of you still love it.

To enter, all you need do is retweet the link to this post, and we’ll pick a random winner on Friday 6th August.

Note: This competition is open to UK residents only. One entry per person.

Over the weekend, we’ll pick a winner and next week we’ll send the chocolate and as much of the marketing bumf that came with it as we can fit into a reasonably sized box as we can and send it to the winner.

Update: This competition is now closed.

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  1. Flower

    I love the add and put the link to my favorites so I can show it to my kids in the morning.
    We love Cadbury chocolate!

  2. Eddie500

    Cadbury’s has been undertaking massive marketing campaigns in Australia lately trying to win back their market share after people boycotted their chcocolate. Cadbury’s not only reduced the famous family block 250grams to 200 grams, but added palm oil. Despite claiming they removed the palm oil after many complaints, the chocolate still tastes quite weird. Every week for the past 6 months, Cadbury’s blocks are on sale in the supermarkets. Now with so many other good chocolate available, why settle for a company that refuses to return to 250 grams? Even Aldi chocolate is better than Cadburys!

  3. Chocolate is a terrible thing to waste.. until they started putting palm oil in it. Hershey’s, Cadbury’s , etc. apparently don’t think that chocolate is the fifth food group or they won’t of ever changed how they did things. Some of my favorites come from Chile, thank god for the internet.

  4. Eddie500

    Cadbury’s claim that they have now taken the palm oil out but it still tastes strange. Certainly not as good as it once did. They said that the palm oil was added to make the chocolate easier to bite. What rubbish. It was added so they could reduce how much cocoa they used. Like you said, there are many more options. Whittakers is brilliant (from NZ). I will seek out that chocolate from Chile you mentioned.

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