Why we won’t be reviewing any more Divine chocolate…

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Earlier today, Simon posted a review of Divine Orange Milk Chocolate. As with all our reviews it was an honest, personal opinion of the chocolate.

Simon concluded that the bar was “okay” but “unremarkable”. Not an entirely positive conclusion, but we’ve certainly had worse, and when you do impartial reviews of chocolate, the occasional poor review goes with the territory.

This evening, two overly positive comments from a “Pete” and “Laura” got me suspicious, and it didn’t take long to gather the evidence that both these comments not only came from the same person, but they originated from within the Divine Chocolate HQ.

This is nothing short of lying and deceitful behaviour from a company that supposedly prides itself on its Fair Trade business practices, and as editor of Chocablog, I won’t stand for it. We are quite happy to engage in discussions with chocolatiers, but if you have to resort to faking positive comments in order to promote your product, then we simply won’t deal with you any more.

Simon and I were both slightly taken aback by the impolite tone in our initial dealings with Divine’s PR representative but decided to give her the benefit of the doubt. But this is too much.

Consequently we will not be reviewing any more Divine products on Chocablog.


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