Wanted: Bournville Deeply Dark with Coffee

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Chocablog reader Zoe Page from Sunderland is on a quest to find her favourite chocolate locally. Zoe writes:

“I’ve put ‘my pen to paper’ and sent you this rhyme
As you’ve caused me consternation, trouble big time
Since my local stores have ceased supply
My frustration is plain, I cannot deny.

Minus dark, smooth, coffee chocolate that’s divine it’s so bitter
My withdrawal has caused convulsions… my body starts to jitter
It’s a painful, and indeed unending, poor state and dreadful affliction
Since you’ve lured me in and started, my latest addiction.

Whilst I try to keep in check… resentment t’wards Bournville
If a solutiom isn’t met, I’ll p’rhaps foster ill will.
So I hope you can instruct, tell me how to purchase more
Or where indeed in Sunderland, it’s on the shop floor.

I’m desperate… and so sad… my choc I really need
I’ll do anything, so please please please… answer I plead!!”

Can anyone out there help her find a local stockist of Bournville Deeply Dark with Coffee? If you can, leave a message in the comments!

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  1. Rebecca

    I have seen it in Wilkinsons in Leicester if that’s any help (and it was half price!) but they have shops nationwide…

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