Retromercial: 1969 Cadbury Flake Ad

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This commercial may be nearly 40 years old, but it still make me hungry…

Oh.. and the “How Many Sexual Innuendos Can You Spot?” game is fun too.


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  1. Anything Cadbury no matter how old is a GOOD thing! Great find 😉

  2. I actually used to like cadbury flake (before I got into dark chocolate). I first had it when I was in New Zealand about 15 years ago. I also took a tour of a cadbury factory there. It was all you can eat, and by the end, you didn’t want any more.

    I saw some flake at a local gourmet store (in their retro/novelty candy section) a dew years ago. It was ok, not at all how I remembered it. Now a dark chocolate flake, say 70-72%. Now that I would like to try.

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