New York Chocolate Tours

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Now this looks like fun. A company in New York is offering walking tours of some of New York’s finest chocolatiers.

They currently have two tours, a “Luxury Tour” and a “New Cuisine Tour”. The tours last around 2 hours and cost $70. Chocolate included.

Sounds like a great way to discover new chocolates and work off a few calories with all that walking too.

Any Chocablog readers want to give it a try and write us a report?

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  1. Simon

    You can fly me over for the weekend if you want to mate . .

  2. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Well alright… but I have to warn you – I’m not a trained pilot and we’ll probably die horribly.

  3. river

    We have similar tours here in Australia, although I haven’t yet been on one.

  4. Hmm, I live close to NYC to do day trips, and I’ve done my own “tours” as so to speak. Why pay all that money when it’s so easy to get the addresses and walk there yourself? Plus, most of the spots hand out free samples as it is….

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