Nestlé Treasurequest

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Nestle TreasurequestNestlé have asked us to tell you about Nestlé Treasurequest, an online/on-pack game that gives you the chance to win up to $1million dollars. More importantly, you can also win Nestlé candy bars!

The idea is to match icons on special packs with icons on the online game board and unlock the location of the Obelisk Treasure.

The competition is open to US residents only, which counts me out of this one. But do give it a go and let us know if you win!

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  1. Rules me out too. Still haven’t forgot that Nestle caused so much problems years back with the infant milk in poor countries…providing it and then mothers stopped breast feeding, and found they could not afford to keep buying it, and could no longer breast feed!

  2. J. Sims

    July 23, 2007

    This is an inquiry about the Nestle Treasure Quest expiration timeline. Today (7/23/07)I purchased a BabyRuth which had printed inside the wrapper “Congratulations! You have won a Nestle Candy Bar. It also indicated that the prize claim must be received by 2/23/07, which is completly outdated. Therefore my questions are:(1) Is the prize redemption still applicable? and (2) Is this BabyRuth candy bar considered fresh based upon the expiration information.

    Concerned consumer!

  3. Debra Roesch

    Talk about timeline… Just purchased a Nestle Crunch 4:50pm April

    8th, 2009!!!! How long are these out there??? The treasure Quest candy is still out there. Seemed old but assumed it was new
    untill I noticed the game date expiration of 2-23-07!!!

    Certainly was not fresh, used to be a favorite but now??? Where is quality control. What warehouse did they dig these out of for a Safeway in Oregon??

    Not Happy

  4. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Debra – that would seem to be a problem with Safeway rather than Nestlé. I would contact them (or your local authorities).. they definitely shouldn’t be selling 2 year old chocolate!

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