“Negative Calorie” Chocolate Cake

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Negative Calorie Chocolate Cake

Here’s an interesting little “recipe” for a “negative calorie” chocolate cake from Steamy Kitchen.

I use “recipe” in quotes because it involves a pre-packaged cake mix and “negative calorie” in quotes because I can’t help thinking her calorie counting technique has gone awry somehow. I think perhaps she may be in need of a chocolate calculator

Still, if it tastes half as good as it looks, it’s got to be worth a try!


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  1. Amy

    Wow. This recipe sounds pretty good. The calories do seem a little off though.
    I have a great recipe for a truly diet cake! It works for chocolate or white cake mixes. All you have to do is take a box of packaged cake mix put it in a bowl and then add one can of diet soda. Jut mix well and then bake as you normally do. That’s all you have to add!! I usually use chocolate cake mix with Diet Coke or white cake mix with Diet 7up or Sprite. It really is quite good!!! It goes well if you serve it with a little lite Cool Whip!

  2. Her calorie counting technique is off.
    Bananas are not negative calories (Source: http://weightlossinternational.com/newsletter/free-list-of-negative-calorie-foods.html.) And “saving oven energy” and “saving time” does not burn any calories, and certainly not 129. Being clever doesn’t burn calories, either.
    Still, it looks good. I might just try it ^_^!

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