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NOTE: This competition is now closed.

Hotel Chocolat

Chocablog has teamed up with Hotel Chocolat (affiliate link) to offer you all a very special Online Easter Egg Hunt this Easter.

To enter the competition and find the chocolate goodies, you need to answer the questions below and use the first letter of each answer to create a secret password. The password is a real word, so you should be able to figure out if you’ve got it.

HamperOnce you have the password, simply enter it into the competition page on the Hotel Chocolat web site. If you got it right, the code will unlock a secret part of the Hotel Chocolat website where you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win a luxury Easter Hamper.

The Hampers usually cost £50 each and are choc full of chocolate goodness … just in time for Easter.

So, let’s get hunting!

The Questions:

1. Where are the Pistachio nuts in Hotel Chocolat’s ‘Serious Dark Fix Egg’ from? [Hint]

2. What is the Spanish name of Easter Island? [Hint]

3. In the book ‘Charlie and The Chocolate Factory’ what colour was the ticket that won the discoverer a tour around Willy Wonker’s factory? [Hint]

4. When building the world’s largest Easter Egg, in Vegreville, Canada, which stands at 31.6 ft high, how many mathematical, architectural and engineering firsts were achieved? [Hint]

5. What Wednesday is the 7th Wednesday before Easter Sunday? [Hint]

6. Heston Blumenthal is known for his unusual food combinations, especially his desert of white chocolate and caviar! What’s the name of Heston’s restaurant? [Hint]

7. In the Judy Garland film ‘Easter Parade’, Peter Lawford sings a song about being ‘A fella with an……’? [Hint]

8. For Chocablog’s 1st birthday, we celebrated with a chocolate Dalek cake. What is the name of the ninth Doctor’s main companion? [Hint]

9. Finish this sentence: Easter Sunday falls on the first Sunday after the Full Moon that occurs on or after the Vernal……? [Hint]

Got the answers?

Now, take the first letter of each answer to make your password and enter it on this page. If you’ve got it right, it’ll let you know and you’ll be entered in the draw. If your answer is wrong, check your answers to the questions and try again.

The competition closes on April 2nd, is open to all Chocablog readers (one entry per person please!) and we’ll publish the winner’s name here. Good luck!

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