Happy Birthday Chocablog!

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Dalek CakeChocablog is 1 year old today! Yay us!

In our first year, we posted 114 articles, received 304 comments, built 1 rather awesome Dalek Cake and consumed approximately 3.4 tons of chocolate. And we still don’t feel sick.

We have big plans for the next year on Chocablog – mostly revolving around eating a lot more chocolate. But we will try to find time to keep writing about it too.

So, happy birthday to us. We’re off to eat our cake. Chocolate Dalek Cake, of course!

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  1. HURRAY! Happy Chocablogbirthday!

  2. Steph

    Congrats Chocablog! Happy Birthday!

  3. Elizabeth

    Happy Birthday Chocablog! I hope you have many more!

  4. your making me drule i love chocolate cake my favorite

  5. 114 articles?…Great efforts. Happy Birthday!

  6. Came across your blog this evneing. Will have to spend some more time here…Glad to hear we’re not the only people around celebrating 1/2 birthdays. And the red vines sound like the perfect treat!

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