Four Blocks Of Whittakers Chocolate

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Sorry Dom, I’ve done it again.

Dear Dom, Kind, Mighty, Intelligent, Gorgeous and Benevolent Ruler of Chocablog…

(She must mean another Dom — Dom)

I know, I know, you’ve said it (and emailed it) before and I thought I’d learned my lesson. Honestly, I did. Well, I certainly tried to. But this time, I didn’t. You see, I found this in New Zealand and got all excited because we don’t have this flavour of Whittaker’s chocolate available in Australia.


And why DON’T we, Whittakers, hmmm? I mean this one has got it all – high quality bittersweet 62% dark rows of heaven with added cocoa nibs; those lovely, tiny, crunchy little bits and pieces that can be eaten up whilst chomping the chocolate or left in the mouth right at the very end for one final flavour kick after everything else has melted away.

You see, dearest Dom, loveypuss sweetheart loveypuss, I didn’t have the self-control to remember to stop, take a flattering photograph and then start tasting it. I just started eating it; rapidly discovered how amazing it was and shared some with Love Chunks and Sapphire who also expressed their surprise and admiration for the block and helped me keep eating. It was simply too good to put down and do anything as mundane as get the camera out.

I know, I understand how disappointed you are in me, one of your best (if not the best) chocabloggers…

(*cough* *choke* — Dom)

…admired and revered the world over (or at least in my local supermarket), for letting you down at this late stage in the game. But you need to prepare yourself because – gulp, how do I put this – it got worse.

Before you start swearing or kicking me off your Facebook Friends page or cursing me with Compounded chocolate for the rest of my days – let me explain. I was back in South Australia doing my usual weekly shop. This of course, always includes a leisurely stroll down the confectionery aisle and all of Whittaker’s lines were on sale. ON SALE Dom – what was a self-respecting chocolate reviewer to do? Buy three of course:


Good so far, right? I lined them up on my white leather armchair, took my time in getting the angle, timing and lighting just right, then tore open the top corner of each block a tiny bit – just to get a whiff and snap off a row for another photo – and, well, things just got crazier from there.

All I remember in my self-inflicted cacao chaos was that they were all delicious. Dark Ghana was grainy but rich; Almond gold was milky smooth but had good, wholesomely crunchy almonds that made it feel like a meal and the creamy milk was every bit as inviting as the simple and honest label presented it to be.

Again, I apologise. And I mean it, from the heart of my bottom.

Yours, Kath from Australia.

(You call that a review?? Sheesh. Good job we have another Australian reviewer now! — Dom)


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  1. alethea

    I love it.
    Your sense of humour is priceless.
    Keep up the excellent reviews!

  2. Gravey

    Whittakers is the best. Here in NZ they had a huge lift in sales when the whole ‘Orang-utan blood’ saga erupted over Cadbury’s chocolate (them using palm oil).

    Whittakers is far better anyway. We have been trying to find the Cocoa Nib here for months – I think they might have taken it off the market.

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