Creme Egg Accident

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Never underestimate the power of Creme Egg:

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  1. Did that really happen???

  2. Tim

    It would be great if it happened to my car. I would leave me with a heap of chocolate and a great insurance claim!

  3. That was brilliant – loved it 🙂

    (and I hope the chocolate to fondant ratio is better in the gigantic ones than the minis)

  4. Oh my gosh, I just discovered today that there is a liltte accessories chain store/boutique that sells Model’s Own np here!!!! 😀 So excited! I just stumbled on the find in a store that I would not normally enter. Usually us Aussies have to buy it online, but not anymore for me! And I picked up Purple Rain. Literally. I decided not to get any today just quite yet, because they only had a few colours anyway so I was going to try another one of their stores but I could have sworn that the bottle had purple shimmer. In fact, it did. It was a deep royal purple shimmer that looked slightly duochrome. How strange…

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