Cockroach Cake

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Cockroach CakeHere’s another freakish Hallowe’en project for the brave chocaholic.

As far as we can tell, this cockroach cake is not made from real cockroaches, but there’s no recipe given, so we can’t be sure.

If this is a bit much, we suggest you try our very own Dalek Cake instead. Not only is it less scary, but we can also guarantee it contains no cockroaches.


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  1. Marvin the Martian

    An original variation. It resembles a traditional Belgian chocolate design: the `may bug’ (Melolontha melolontha — a European scarab) appears in some shops around the first of may (you guessed it).

    I actually have the mould for the body: you can make it nicely two-toned by using dark and milk chocolate on different part. The legs are usually made from carton. Just like for easter eggs, the trick is to do enough layers. See a pic of the outside on with one of the clasps to keep it closed.
    Overall length: 4″/10cm. A sure place to get them is my favourite purveyor in Antwerp, Chocolaterie Goossens.

  2. That’s a weird-looking cake. I’ve never heard of cockroach cake before, but I imagine this one is not made from real cockroaches.

  3. Caren yeo

    is there any way i can buy this cake?

  4. hoLy

    yea, do you happen to know anyway that i can buy this cake? it’d be a perfect present.

  5. Simon

    I just clocked this. It’s quite odd, isn’t it?

  6. Everyone have different taste. Taste of the cake might be good but I don’t like shape of the cakes.

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