Bean To Bar Chocolate Making Update

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Making bean-to-bar chocolate at home
You may have noticed that I’ve not had time to blog much recently.

Why? Chocolate has taken over my life!

Back in December I wrote in depth about my bean to bar chocolate making experiments. I’ve enjoyed making chocolate from the bean so much that my kitchen experiments have evolved into a proper business.

I was so pleased with some of my early results that (with a bit of help from my friends) I decided to enter the Academy Of Chocolate awards – probably the most prestigious chocolate awards in the world.

Last night was the award ceremony and I was hugely honoured to receive bronze awards for both the bars I entered! To have my kitchen-made bars ranked amongst some of the best chocolate in the world is incredibly exciting, and I hope it will serve to encourage more people to have a go at bean-to-bar chocolate making.


There was a real surprise for me at the end of the evening though. I received a totally unexpected award as “The One To Watch” for my efforts. I don’t know if I’m worthy of it, but it’s wonderful to be recognised for simply doing something I love.


These awards have certainly inspired me to go further with my bean-to-bar journey and I truly hope it will inspire others too. If I can make award winning chocolate from home, then so can you!

If you’d like to follow my journey, you can follow my new business Damson Chocolate on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We’ll be launching our website and online store very soon, and we’re currently in the process of securing funding for premises and more chocolate making equipment. So if you’d like to invest in an ethical bean-to-bar chocolate company, do get in touch. 🙂

Finally, I’d just like to take a moment to thank a few of the people that have helped me get this far. So many friends have been supportive, but in particular I’d like to say thanks to Tom, who is investing both his time and money into Damson Chocolate; Hazel, who opened my eyes to home bean-to-bar chocolate making; the HB Ingredients team, who are making both the equipment and ingredients available to everyone; Neil, who put up the funds for my Academy of Chocolate awards entry; Zoe who has offered endless support and encouragement; and everyone else who has helped out. Thank you guys!


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  1. aviva

    Congratulations for winning. I make chocolate and chocolate natural colors I do not really know how to pass it on to the development and knowledge … I would love to hear from you how to do it:-)
    giesenberg aviva

  2. Gosh, gosh, gosh. Huge congratulations. Chocolate has been your passion for a long time and this is a very well deserved award.

    Would love to try some and review on my blog if you are so inclined.

  3. Ruth Villasenor

    I am interested in learning more about how you are able to work with Cuban farmers?Does the government allow you to export the beans? Nw that relations have improved with Cuba (being of Cuban descent) I am wondering how that works. This means great opportunities for the people of Cuba and I am so happy for that.

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